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Brown to accept the recognition of the land, to invest in native affairs


Brown University has adopted a formal land recognition policy and will work to expand access to education for Native Americans, the university announced Tuesday.

Brown is located in the homeland of the Narraganset Indian tribe in Rhode Island. The recognition of the land recognizes the colonization of the land of the Narogansets and the dekulakization of the affected tribe; he also expresses a commitment to working with members of the tribe.

In addition, Brown plans to oversee new sciences about the university’s origins and its relationships with local tribes, set up a working group with narogansetts to honor and honor the tribe, support educational opportunities for tribal youth and increase investment in Indians and Indians. The Indigenous Studies Initiative — an interdisciplinary attempt to teach indigenous history and knowledge — and the Indigenous Students’ Organization. The land recognition and recommendations come from an annual working group that included students, faculty and staff, as well as members of the Naragansett tribe.

Teachers and staff will not be required to include land recognition in curricula or activities. In recent years, the recognition of land in higher education has been the subject of controversy, occasionally condemned as a simple word that has no real commitment to tribal issues.

Recognition of the land has also provoked a backlash, leading to recent controversy, for example, when a professor at the University of Washington included in his curriculum a mocking statement that, in fact, protest against the practicewhat he called political indulgence. Similarly, in March, the University Senate at San Diego State University voted narrowly against complete the requirement include in the curriculum the recognition of land plots after affected professors have claimed that being forced to share such a statement violates their rights to the First Amendment.

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