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BTS gets snubbed again at the 2023 Grammys


For the third year in a row, K-pop superstars BTS were not allowed to attend the Grammy Awards.

The seven-piece ensemble, South Korea’s biggest group ever, was nominated in two categories at the 65th Grammy Awards: music video for “Yet to Come” and pop duo/group performance of Coldplay’s “My Universe” . The band was also nominated for Coldplay’s Album of the Year for Music of the Spheres.

This year, BTS lost to Taylor Swift for Music Video and Sam Smith and Kim Petros for Pop Duo/Group Performance.

The band were previously nominated for performance by a pop duo/group for ‘Dynamite’ in 2021 and ‘Butter’ in 2022, but the award went to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s ‘Rain on Me’, followed by Doja Cat and ‘Kiss Me More’ SZA.”

After BTS lost last year, the group’s RM told the crowd in Las Vegas, “I know there’s a lot of buzz surrounding our Grammys and the team itself. …But, you know, why talk about it? Hate is their freedom and they have the right to hate, but if it was me, I’d rather just talk to my friends at some coffee shop and forget about it than tweet or do an interview. I wouldn’t do that because I’m already an adult.”

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