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Buffalo shooter quotes Professor Notre Dame, et al


The University of Notre Dame admits that the words of one of its professors appeared in an alleged racist exposition of the killer in Buffalo, New York.

“We are shocked that the article by John Husky, Associate Professor 2013 [of marketing] in Notre Dame, was named the perpetrator of the horrific murders of innocent people in Buffalo, ”said Joel Quran, a spokesman for the university. statement last week. “Regardless of Professor Gasky’s intentions, we deeply regret that his words have been used in support of the doctrine of racial hatred. We urge everyone, in Notre Dame or elsewhere, to speak up and act in a way that never gives shelter to hatred and violence. ”

The statement came after reports that Peyton Hendron, an 18-year-old white man accused of first-degree murder in the May 14 murder of 10 black employees and visitors to a Buffalo supermarket, included Gaskey in a 180-page article. diatribe posted online. In particular, Gendron refers to 2013 opinion piece“Discussion on Race, Crime, and Awkward Facts,” published Investors’ newspaper Business Dailyin which Gaskie accuses “racers” and “beaters” of falsely “creating a climate of racist danger for black citizens.”

Hendron was apparently interested in the part of the article in which Husky discusses “interracial violence”, including the statement: “Because the number of rapes of” white over black “is so low nationally each year, the ratio ranges from 100 to 1 to infinity. Liberal, politically correct feminists need to think about this. If these rates of interracial crime were based randomly, they would be the same – that is, 1 to 1 – for two racial groups.

Gasky, who declined the request for an interview, said in a separate publication statement Last week “sober up that part of an article I wrote in August 2013 was cited in a document compiled by a suspect in the Buffalo shooting. Of course, I never intended to incite violence in any way – in fact, quite the opposite. I am also shocked and deeply saddened that the information I have provided is in any way related to the horrific actions of this young man. “

The cited Husky article contains the only undated source of data: “Victims and Offenders of the US Department of Justice,” Victims and Criminals. But his statements look like extrapolation data from earlier versions of the National Crime Victims Survey. In some years, the proportion of sexual assaults with black victims and white criminals is 0 percent of the total number of sexual assaults.

In any case, the submission of data such as that of the Huskies ignores the fact that the race of criminals is unavailable or not included in the list in many cases of rape (for example, in 25 per cent of cases with black victims in 2008); that white criminals are responsible for the vast majority of rapes where the criminal race is known; that white criminals attack black victims, but black men who attack white women were shown get more serious criminal charges and longer sentences; and other important shots and context.

Moreover, Gasky’s article minimizes the risk of racist violence against colored people, such as that observed in Buffalo and in other attacks that already occurred in 2013 when he was writing. The work also plays some of the most insidious and dangerous stereotypes about black men and violence.

Notre Dame declined to comment further on the matter.

Gasky is not the only scientist named in Hendron’s paper. Other psychologists include Richard Lynn and the late J. Philip Rushton, both who were presidents of the Pioneer Fund, which was established in 1937 to promote “race improvement.” Unlike Gasky’s article, the cited works of Rashtan and Lynn (who argue that there is a biological link between race and violence) have been reviewed. They have been there ever since criticized as fundamentally imperfect or involved. However, Rashtan and Lynn continue to influence certain corners of scholars and neo-academics, including Hendron and other so-called peddlers. a great replacement white race theory. (The University of Ulster in Northern Ireland stripped Lina of the status of Honored Professor in 2018 due to concerns about his views. Department of Psychology, University of Western Ontario, Rustan’s longtime academic home, said in 2020, that “Rashtan’s legacy shows that the impact of flawed science remains, even after qualified scientists have condemned its scientific integrity”.)

Lynn told Inside the Supreme Ed in 2018, he and the Pioneer Fund continued to support the concept of eugenics, including such “relevant” topics as “intelligence, personality, genetics”. Husky wrote his article to present what he considered “inconvenient facts.” But for those concerned about the connection between what is called scientific racism and hatred and violence in the real world, how should the academy respond?

Stacy Farina, associate professor of biology at Howard University and co-author of a recent Science for the people essay focusing on Rashtan’s relationship with the late biologist E. O. Wilson, he said: “We need to have fiercely honest conversations about how our disciplines have contributed to scientific racism and contributed to white supremacy. We need to recognize and raise the anti-racist work done by black, brown and indigenous scholars. We need to broadly integrate anti-racism into our science and scientific communication. ”

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