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Canada and the UK have overtaken the US in the popularity of studying abroad

Canada and UK overtake US in study abroad popularity

Canada and the United Kingdom have overtaken the United States and become the two most popular countries in the world to study abroad, according to Educations.com.

Canada and the UK recently overtook the US, which dropped from first to third place in just two years, and claimed first place in international study abroad.

These findings were made as a result of a series of surveys conducted by Educations.com. Four polls titled Analysis of trends in study abroad was held from January 2018 to October 2020 and sought to assess the attitude of future students to international learning.

The UK and Canada are growing due to the rapid decline in US popularity around the world

Interestingly, the report found that neither the UK nor Canada surpassed the US due to a particularly significant increase in their own level of interest to prospective students.

Instead, the rise in popularity in Canada and the UK can be attributed to the fact that popularity has only been declining over the past two years.

According to Educations.com, the US, Canada and the UK have been consistently ranked in the top three international destinations for some time.

However, this shift in the position of US universities has been cumulative, which seems to demonstrate that no single event (e.g. COVID-19), created this effect.

From 2018 to 2020, the share of the United States as the main choice for studying abroad decreased from 21.6% to 10.7%

Of the prospective students who responded to the 2018 survey, 21.6% chose the U.S. as the best choice for studying abroad.

In 2019, this figure dropped to 20.8%, and in January 2020 it dropped even more to 14.4%.

The last poll in October 2020 showed that this figure is only 10.7%.

Germany and Australia “best of the rest”, Japan and South Korea dropped out of the top 10

The report showed that Germany and Australia have successfully consolidated their positions just below these three best areas for study abroad.

France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Sweden were the countries that entered the other 10 most popular host countries.

In the latest poll, the Netherlands and Sweden changed Japan and South Korea in the top 10.

Employment opportunities are fast becoming the most important factor in choosing to study abroad

Among other findings of the survey, it was found that employment opportunities after graduation are becoming an increasingly important factor influencing the country’s choice to study abroad.

The UK has recently confirmed this International students forced to continue their studies through distance or blended learning will be eligible for visas to the UK PSW in 2021 upon graduation.

Canada says it will give international students a work permit after graduation (post-study work visa) PGWP from May to September 2020, studying programs from 8 to 12 months are completely online.

The UK has also confirmed employment rights for dependents of international graduate students in the UK who receive a PSW work visa after training from 2021.

Employment opportunities increased from the 9th most important factor in the January 2018 survey to the third in the last survey.

The other two most important factors were the cost of living as well as the language and culture of the host country.

The situation of the above factors has not changed since the first survey.

In four different surveys, respondents in the survey expressed strong reasons for studying abroad, with the main reasons being a combination of experimental and personal development goals.

These included achieving career goals, learning about a new culture, access to higher quality teaching and adventure.

In an earlier article, we reported that the results of a similar study by Educations.com, which also assessed the attitudes of prospective students studying abroad.

The report found that even amid the turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, less than 4% of students intend to cancel their study abroad plans.

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