Home Education Chancellor Scholz defends Germany’s foreign policy in a speech on PB Day

Chancellor Scholz defends Germany’s foreign policy in a speech on PB Day

Chancellor Scholz defends Germany's foreign policy in a speech on PB Day

On Sunday, the 77th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz addressed the nation with a speech condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and defended the foreign policy of his government.

Chancellor Scholz addresses the nation

Sunday, May 8, is celebrated throughout Western Europe as “VE Day” – the day of Germany’s unconditional surrender to the allied powers in World War II. It represents the end of the war in Europe, the revival of democracy and the liberation of Europe from the Nazi regime. It then seemed that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz would appeal to the nation to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Scholz warned that “there will be no peace under the Russian dictatorship,” saying neither Ukraine nor Germany would accept Russian occupation, and reiterated his belief that Vladimir Putin would not win the war. “Ukraine will win. Freedom and security will win – just as freedom and security won over oppression, violence and dictatorship 77 years ago,” Scholz said.

Scholz played about; recalling that once Russia and Ukraine fought side by side to overthrow “the deadly National Socialist regime in Germany.” However, he also condemned Russia’s attempt to formalize the conflict as a confrontation with Nazism. “Putin wants to overthrow Ukraine and destroy its culture and identity … [and] even considers his barbaric war of aggression along with the struggle against National Socialism, – said Scholz. – This is a falsification of history and a shameful distortion. We must state this clearly. “

Scholz turns to German foreign policy

As for the Russian invasion, Chancellor Scholz explained that four clear principles shaped his government’s foreign policy. First, he stated that Germany would not take unilateral action; “Everything we do, we coordinate closely with our Alliance partners,” he said. Second, the Chancellor insisted that Germany would work to maintain its defense capabilities.

“Third, we will not do anything that could do more harm to us and our partners than to Russia,” Scholz said. “And fourth: we will not make any decisions that make NATO a participant in the war. We adhere to these principles. “

However, Scholz refused to succumb to the growing call for is rapidly moving away from imports of Russian natural gasstating that Berlin “doesn’t just do everything some people call for”. “Because in the oath I took when I took office, I vowed to protect the German people from harm. This includes protecting our country and our allies from danger, ”he said.

The President of Germany condemned the war in Ukraine

Earlier on Sunday, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier addressed the opening of the National Congress of the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) in Berlin. He took the opportunity to reflect on the importance of May 8, a day that he said was a day of hope as well as homage. “But today, May 8, the dream of a common European home has failed and been replaced by a nightmare,” Steinmeier said, calling Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a “brutal, illegal war of aggression.”

He called the war a “landmark turning point” and accused Vladimir Putin of “once and for all destroying the foundation of the European plan for lasting peace that we created after World War II and the Cold War.”

To which Steinmeier referred Germany’s dependence on Russian fuelsaying that “the best price in world markets should not be the only thing that determines who to do business with.”

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