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Charleston County Schools Choose Open Resources and Children’s Program to Provide a Mixed English Language Program K-8

Charleston County Schools Choose Open Resources and Children's Program to Provide a Mixed English Language Program K-8

CHARLSTAN, SCHOOLDiscover resourcesa non-profit organization that increases equity in education by making the highest quality curriculum available to educators, and Children’sthe first universal education platform for a high-quality digital program, announced today a new partnership to bring the EL Education K-8 English Language (ELA) curriculum to the highest-ranked Charleston School District (CCSD). blended learning area.

The partnership will enable teachers to use the ELA curriculum on the Kiddom platform to share assignments digitally, communicate with students and receive personalized feedback on materials, while prioritizing student reading and content knowledge in science and social research. In addition, the partnership will provide CCSD with a multi-year professional learning plan with a full range of services from EL Education to support teachers, as well as access to networking in the digital community Open Up K-8 EL Education.

“For a while, we thought students were at the center of this work, but we’ve seen schools decide to give up what’s easier and more convenient, and that’s true proof that we put students first,” he said.Emily Woody, executive director of curriculum and teaching for Charleston County School.

“The Charleston County School District understands the difficult challenges students and teachers face at this unprecedented moment. That is why they are moving forward with an English language research program that is both innovative and effective in teaching the next generation of students. Combining the high-quality Open Up curriculum with the easy-to-use Kiddom digital platform will give teachers and students in 80 CCSD schools the tools they need to successfully improve their reading skills and reverse learning losses in these uncertain times, ”he said. Jessica Reed Sliversky, CEO of Open Up Resources.

“The last couple of years have brought to the attention of so many problems in the classroom, and we believe that high-quality curricula and digital tools that add value to teaching and learning are the solution to these problems,” he said. Ahsan Rizvi, CEO of Kiddom. “We look forward to working with the Charleston County School District as they implement EL Education and Kiddom to address these issues, providing a platform that optimizes workflows for teachers and students, provides teachers with effective information on student progress and offers flexibility to differentiate learning as needed ».

“By conducting practical professional training in accordance with the curriculum, we can give teachers the opportunity to make the most of our language arts program. They will be ready to implement materials with Kiddom and Open Up in their classrooms with practices designed to engage, grow and equate student achievement, ”he said. Scott Hartle, President and CEO of EL Education.


Open Up Resources is 501 (c) (3) that exists to improve equity in education by making the highest quality curriculum freely available to educators and providing support for the widest possible range of teachers, enabling them to improve learning outcomes effectively and sustainably. students in up to K-12 English Arts and Mathematics. To learn more about the mission and work of Open Up Resources, Click here.


Kiddom is the first all-in-one educational platform for high-quality digital training programs. It combines curriculum management, learning, assessment and communication tools into one solution, saving schools valuable time, resources and money. With the flexibility to access and edit curricula from anywhere, Kiddom is the only educational platform that can effectively support teachers and students involved in classroom, blended, hybrid or distance learning scenarios, as well as the quick turns between them. Headquartered in San Francisco and headquartered in New York, Kiddom is a team of dedicated educators, designers and developers who create technologies that allow all teachers and students to reach their full potential. To learn more, visit https://www.kiddom.co.


EL Education is a national non-profit organization working with K-12 educators to make public schools and districts the center of opportunity for all students to achieve outstanding equal results. EL Education is guided by a vision of educational justice that embraces the genius of every child, and a revised definition of student achievement. EL Education offers research-proven resources and practices, including the renowned EL Education K-8 Language Arts curriculum, core practices, and coordinated professional training. EL Education was founded in 1991 and currently serves 440,000 students in a variety of communities across the country. Find out more at ELEducation.org.

About Charleston County Schools:

The Charleston School District (CCSD) is a nationally accredited school district that strives to provide equal and quality educational opportunities for all its students. CCSD is the second largest school system in South Carolina and is a unique blend of urban, suburban and rural schools covering 1,300 square miles along the coast. CCSD serves approximately 49,000 students in 88 schools and specialized programs. CCSD offers a diverse, expanding portfolio of options and specialized programs conducted through Neighborhood, Magnet, IB (International Bachelor), Montessori and Charter Schools. Options include programs in science, engineering, engineering and mathematics (STEM), music and other creative and performing arts, career and technical training programs, and the military.

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