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    Boating season is fast approaching. Anyone who owns a boat knows what a pleasure it is to sail on the water with the wind in your face. It’s an exhilarating experience that you want to protect. Bogle Agency Insurance offers superior boat insurance Marine Recreational Marine Chub coverage.

    Complete coverage with you in mind

    The protection offered by Chubb Recreational Marine Insurance is written with your unique requirements in mind. If the unexpected happens, Chubb is committed to getting you back on the water as quickly as possible. If your vessel is damaged, you can choose who will handle the repairs. They never ask you to accept a lower quality repair. Claims are processed and paid out in record time. If items on the boat require replacement, such as technology, custom furniture, woodwork or anything else, they will be replaced with parts of the same quality. Medical coverage is available if someone is injured on the boat. The coverage included in the Chubb policy goes beyond the standard contract and covers you in full.

    Enjoy a higher level of protection

    Bogle Agency Insurance offers this Chubb Recreational Marine Insurance for New Jersey boat owners because we think it’s the best. Our goal is to always provide the best protection available to our customers. If you are a boat owner, call us today and speak with one of our experienced agents about Chubb Recreational Marine Insurance and experience a higher level of protection. We can be reached at 201-939-1076.

    Additional insurance coverage

    Bogle offers a wide range of insurance coverage, e.g Homeowners Insurance, Car insurance, Business insurance, Medical insurance, Life insurance, and much more. Call us today for information on any type of insurance you need.

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