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Climb to heaven!

Climb to heaven!

Students, do you dream of flying a plane and want to study for free? Yes, you can, with the Singapore Youth Flying Club (SYFC)! From building airplane models to traveling on RSAF planes and learning to maneuver on your own – find out what it takes to earn wings!

Interesting fact 1: the excitement starts at 13 …

Learn more about aviation through the CCA SYFC program for high school students. You will be able to build and fly on airplane models, test flights on PC flight simulators and even ride on transport planes and helicopters of the Air Force of the Republic of Singapore (RSAF). Lots of practical experiences await!

note: The SYFC CCA program is available in 17 high schools, while students from other schools can join the open unit at SYFC. Read more here.

CCFC SYFC programs include the creation of gliders for launch, control of various types of aircraft models and flights on PC flight simulators.

… And you could fly at 16!


A student from the basic SYFC flight course is preparing to launch an aircraft engine.

Want to learn how to fly a real plane? Join the SYFC flight training program for undergraduate and polytechnic students if you are at least 16 years old.

This program includes a basic flight course where you learn the basics of taking off and landing an aircraft in the company of an instructor. You will also be able to make your first solo flight if you show competence in these areas.

In addition, outstanding students can take a private pilot license (PPL) course. This includes the study of a number of aviation-related subjects, which include navigation, meteorology and aviation law. Take seven ground exams and a final driving test (or flight test) and you will get a license!

note: Singaporean students are eligible for free flight lessons.

Fun Fact 2: You can practically be a black knight (wink, wink)


Virtual black knights SYFC fly in battle.

Did you know that SYFC boasts its own aerobatics virtual team? Meet the virtual black knights SYFC (VBK)!

VBK consists of students from the CCA program and SYFC flight courses. In 2018, a group of students came together to fly into action virtually for fun, using their own computers. In 2020, SYFC officially merged the team to form SYFC VBK. They were equipped with state-of-the-art virtual reality (VR) goggles available on campus, making them feel as if they were flying a real plane!

In 2021, the RSAF Open Day saw the debut performance of the WBC.

(Not) Fun Fact 3: It can be hard work before you earn your wings

Panel 4

Finian (right) with his flight instructor Mr. Roman.

For newcomer pilot Finiana Lee, the road to getting a PPL was long and difficult. He had to juggle both schoolwork and a PPL course that includes hours of aviation-related subjects and practice for a flight test.

When he failed to take ground exams, he insisted on regular encouragement and advice from his primary flight instructor, Mr. S. Roman, who knew how much a license meant to Finian. Eventually he passed all the ground exams and the final test for processing.

“Mr. Raman, my family and I have never given up on our dream. Fight to the end of the road and never give up! ” Said Finian.

Interesting fact 4: this is the first step to a pilot’s career!


During her time at SYFC, Cherry gained extensive flying experience, which gave her the confidence to pursue a career at RSAF.

Once you receive a PPL issued by the Singapore Civil Aviation Authority (CAAS), you will be able to fly your own on a single propeller aircraft. This is not a feat, and this achievement gives some SYFC graduates an impetus for inspiration and confidence to pursue a career as a pilot.

RSAF intern pilot Cherry Theo is one such graduate who attributes her exciting days at SYFC to developing a love of aviation and a desire to join RSAF. Cherry notes that her previous flying experience has made boarding her new career less drastic. In particular, flight training with SYFC – from learning to make safe and informed decisions to demonstrating competence in maneuvers – has prepared her mentally and physically for serious RSAF flight training.

Want to set up flights and make a career in aviation? Learn more about the prerequisites and programs offered on the Singapore Youth Flying Club website at https://www.syfc.sg/.

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