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Closing Austria for unvaccinated people is false compared to Nazi policies

Closing Austria for unvaccinated people is false compared to Nazi policies

False comparisons were again made between Nazi Germany and the measures of the Covid-19 pandemic, this time caused the introduction of a lock for people in Austria who are not fully vaccinated.

About two million people in Austria, or one third population, were closed on Monday, On November 15, the country faced a surge of infections. Austria has one of the lowest vaccination rates in Western Europe, with sentiment against vaccines encouraged the far-right opposition Freedom Party.

Within hours of the announcement of the blockade, the following statements were made in the comment sections on Facebook of Australian news publishers with millions of subscribers, in sub-credits with millions of participants and in Australian Telegram groups with thousands of participants.

There were many references to Austria as the birthplace of Adolf Hitler and the rise of Hitler’s Nazi party in Germany, the comments argued that history repeats itself.

Other commentators falsely claimed that unvaccinated people would be sent to “camps,” “picked up,” and vaccinated, or forced to wear badge-like badges like Jews. forced under Nazi rule. Some referred to the “final decision” when discussing the blockade, while others made anti-Semitic statements and argued that the closure was a sign that Austria was embracing fascism.

There were often comments that misinterpreted the role of vaccines and thus the urgency of blocking. Some have falsely stated that vaccines do not work and that unvaccinated people are blamed for the increase in cases. Studies show that people are vaccinated less likely to infect and spread Covid-19and hospitalization will be required less frequently.

There have been erroneous attempts to link Austria’s closure to pandemic measures in Australia, such as the claim that Victoria’s controversial pandemic laws will give the state prime minister the authority to impose such a blockade. It has also been falsely claimed that Australia is building camps for the unvaccinated as debunked by AAP Fact Check here.

How previously reported by First Draft, opposition movements against vaccination against Covid-19 and other health measures have often sought to link aspects of the pandemic with Nazi indoctrination and politics. These types of comparisons are unfounded and inappropriate: Jews and others, including Gypsies and gays, have been persecuted and killed on the basis of ethnicity and sexuality. – Lucinda Beeman

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