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CNLP 510: Ramit Sethi on How to Stop Fighting Over Money, The Power of Unseen Scripts, and Counterintuitive Marketing


#1 NYT bestselling author, podcaster, and financial expert Ramit Sethi explains why so many couples argue about money (and how to stop the argument), the power of invisible scripts over our thinking and lives, and why his counterintuitive approach to marketing works.

You are welcome Episode 510 of the podcast. Listen to and access the show notes below or find Carrie Newhoff’s Executives podcast at Apple Podcasts or wherever you get podcasts and listen to them for free.

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Next episode: Rich Villodas

New Life Church author and pastor Rich Willodas returns to the podcast to talk about the three waves of people leaving the church, why pastors continue to fail, what Gen Z and Boomers want from the church, and why they don’t match up, the next generation of pastors, and how stress affects the body, heart, and spirit.

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