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Colleges are urging to spend HEERF funds on mental health

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The Biden Administration calling for colleges spend higher education emergency funds (HEERF) on mental health needs on campus.

The administration publishes new leadership for colleges emphasizing how they can use money. Miguel Cardona, Secretary of Education, will address the issue this afternoon at the University of California, Riverside.

“If there’s anything I’ve heard talking to college students across the country, it’s the need for more mental health support on campus,” Cardona said. “We need to make sure our colleges and universities have the tools and resources to help students, faculty and staff heal from the grief, trauma and anxiety they experienced during the pandemic.”

The guide notes that “HEERF grants are a one-time investment”, but hopes that the initial investment in high-impact mental health projects can be made now, with continued support following the initial success of these charitable programs. partnerships or other sources of funding ”.

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