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Colorado voters vote for a free school program


At the foot of the attitudes in the cadena of the staff and the lack of staff, many Colorado schools have served more than that, thanks to the federal federations with a pandemic that hiccuponly paralyzed lasfudi.

Due to this time, many school districts report that most students have been in charge of the media, and 40% of them have been involved in the pandemic.

“They have a lot of friends in the family in terms of how to cover their costs”, said Ashley Wheeland, director of politics. Colorado without hunger. “Let’s see what we can do to help you find out what to do with other accounts.”

The federal states will be honored and this is the end of the program. Colorado electors decide in November to continue the benefit and cover the cost of food for all students.

The legislators have included a budget of $ 101 million in addition to the annual limit on tax deductions from persons with high prices. In addition, the schools can promote more federal funds participating in the community elegance program. School districts support us for the elegance of medical programs and alimony coupons for contributing to the interest of children in the countryside and for the most part, in order to depend on the families of llenic solicierso to receive allenic solicierszo.

Además de cubrir los costos de las comidas escolares, los distritos escolares participanii también podrían obtener dinero para comprar alimentos saludables locales, aumentar los salarios de los trabajadores del comedor, aktualizar el acitaros al equipoque, aktualis al acitaros al equipoque

The creation of the program Healthy school meals for everyone (Comedas scholares saludables para todos).

Project of 1414 was approved by the Colorado legislature with the help of partisan amphibians, to weigh many republican votes that no. Al lograr que la medida sea incluida en la votación, los que la apoyan ahorrarán el tempo y dinero que de otro modo tendrían que dedicar para conseguir firmas.

Without embargo, he has a year to wait for the empire program. The schools do not have access to the additional money for the school year 2022-23, and many parents will be able to pay for the alumni. The democrats who are obsessed with habituation saved a different project Originally que iba a usar fondos estatales para cubrir esa brecha, pero ese proyecto no obtuvo el apoyo necesario debido a su alto costo.

“The food is an important tool of understanding”, Dijo Wieland. “Ningún niño debe sentir hambre mientras pasa el día. For others, this is the only nutritional food that can be found in everything ”.

Jasmine Ramirez, a member of the escalar junta in Roaring Fork County, is a forest-diha-a-los-legislator with immigrant families in the battalion-a-a-a-a-a-aun-teniendo-multiplex community of empleos-on-resorts. But you can find the form with personal information.

The official registers of the district must have 37% of its 5,100 students qualified for subsidiaries, but Ramírez said that this figure is the mayor, noting that many families lost their lives to the heroes of the yoroscu of emorostu.

The fathers and students of the diocese were the legislators who were convinced that they knew “a child who comes for free”. Maria Judith Alvarez said that she had no choice but to go to the cafeteria to have a regression at the house with a stamp in my hand by paying the bill.

Daniel Cieraszynski, a student of the University of Denver, said he had to depend on subsidiaries in the sex city where he could lose his family and his family, which he subsisted on with his mother-in-law.

“No quería que nadie supiera, y me avergonzaba cuando la gente lo descubría”, dijo.

Los ape apoyan el program dijeron que cubrir el costo de las comidas de todos los studeniantes serviría para eliminar ese estigma.

Pero algunos republicanos cuestionaron por qué el publico debe pagar por ese costo. Varios legisladores dijeron: “La comida gratis ne postoji”.

“I want to be like when I was a child,” said Richard Holthorff, of the Republic of Akron. “We are always looking forward to a potter’s wheel. Mom has prepared something for you. ¿Alguien me puede explicar qué pasó con eso? »

Dan Sharp, director of the Department of Public Services at Mesa Valley 51 in Colorado, said that families are always in need. The Congress established the example of a school program in 1946 that revealed that the Ejército discovered that many crows had to report to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Erica Meltzer, Hef de la Aficchina, covers educational policy topics and supervises the cover of Chalkbeat Colorado education. Communicate with Erica writing a emeltzer@chalkbeat.org.

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