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Come Again Lauren Blakely

Narrated by Sebastian Yorke with a bit of Vanessa Edwin

I listened Come Again Lauren Blakely when it was first released as a framework Big rock series. It was during the holidays and I must have forgotten to look at it. Then I saw Come again as book 1 in Happy endings series. Thinking it was a different book, I grabbed it and started listening. I rarely listen to a book twice, but I must say I enjoyed it Come again the same the second time.

The Big Rock series is told from a male POV with creative ways to get a female perspective. I fell in love with Lauren Blakely and Sebastian Yorke because of the Big Rock Series, so I was super excited for more! Come Again stands perfectly on its own, it just has that weird Bog Rock style that I fell in love with.

“I am the purveyor of pleasures – the cursed mayor of good times, the lord of lust, the emperor of ecstasy.”

Easton is cocky and rich and runs a company that organizes exclusive parties for singles. Bellamy hosts a romance podcast. They are not about love or dating. Although these two weren’t really enemies, they were rivals in a way.

My favorite thing about almost any novel is the emails/texts. There were a bunch of flirty emails between the couple (her emails are the only female POV) and I really enjoyed the online flirting. Then again, I’ve never gone wrong with a Lauren Blakely book.


  • Easton’s grandma stole the show and I swear I would read her book in a second.
  • Great supporting characters.
  • Joke! Lauren is best at sexy, flirty banter.
  • The letters between them made the book for me.
  • As always, Lauren writes HOT sex!
  • The second time was just as good.


  • I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something just didn’t stand out like Lauren’s books usually do. I think maybe I didn’t love Easton as much as I usually do? Or maybe Bellamy? I’m not sure, but something is holding me back from screaming about how completely I was in love with this book.


Sebastian Yorke is always into edgy male POV books, and I love how Lauren creatively weaves in female pop with Vanessa Edwin.

The Down & Dirty:

Or Come Again Lauren Blakely is part of the Big Rock series or the beginning of the Happy Endings series, it’s still hot, sexy, smart, emotional with Lauren Blakely. I love how even her most daring characters are knocked down a peg by an equally strong and successful woman. While it may not be near my favorite Lauren Blakeley books, I still really enjoyed it both times I listened to it and recommend it wholeheartedly.

Rating: 4 stars, 4.25 heat, 5 stories

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Come Again by Lauren Blakely

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