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Congratulations to Asian students on U.S. campuses: work continues

A sign saying LOVE in English above an Asian character is held up during a peaceful protest supporting the AAPI community

Students from the Asian and Pacific islands are welcome in the United States, and especially on campus. Chairman Tom Dretler discusses how multicultural education and diversity initiatives play a major role in communities across the United States

Dear students, parents and counselors!

If you are an international student from Asia or the Pacific Islands, you may have concerns about coming to the U.S. to study because of recent incidents against the Asia-Pacific (AAPI) community.

US News Global Education – and American universities in general – stand shoulder to shoulder with AAPI students, staff and members to condemn these unacceptable actions.

At US News Global Education, we continue to work closely with the campuses of American universities to ensure that they provide a safe and comfortable environment that educates and supports students from all walks of life. We offer electives such as the Global Citizenship Course, which promotes greater cultural awareness and promotes awareness of unimaginable bias. We welcome challenging conversations where and when needed, in safe places in caring university communities.

And we continue to uphold intercultural relations, because it is through these connections that we truly develop awareness, understanding and empathy. As Dorian Nungarai, a student journalist at the University of South Carolina, recently wrote Daily Gamecock“Knowing and understanding people from minorities can be more attentive, understanding and caring to them, preventing you from intentionally or unintentionally discriminating against someone.”

If you are an Asian or Pacific Islander, planning to go to university in the US, let me be the first to greet you. We want you to be here. We appreciate you. And we hope to see you soon.

Tom Dretler
Chairman, US News Global Education
Co-founder and CEO of Shorelight
Member of the Board of the Johns Hopkins University School of Education

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