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Control or responsibility

Self-realization is not only seeing the inner truth that we cherish, but it is also seeing the outer truth that is present. We cannot separate one from the other, although we can turn our intention and attention to one or the other at any time. When we turn inward to seek the truths of our soul, then we are able to open our eyes to see the truths of the external that surrounds us. Everything is connected! There is so much within that we separate ourselves from, but when we learn to tap into the source within, we can open our eyes and decipher the outer truth that is either hidden or blinded to us. In these outer truths, they will speak to us and tell us what we need to know to grow, and we will also find answers to our questions. When you sit and meditate, turn within, find your current sacred space, when you find that place where you are present, open your eyes and look around you, what do you see? Let your soul explain the landscape before you. In that landscape you will find the disharmony and harmony of your soul. There is much truth to be seen!

My truth today is that I am constantly trying to control or feel the need to control and what my responsibility is to my soul. My duties are necessary to be at true peace. We seek peace in many ways, but we don’t realize that control will never lead us to peace. There are flaws within us and we seek to control our environment and those around us in order to feel at ease or to feel empowered.

We can see some things around us that really reflect our peace and fruitfulness, and yet next to them there can be something chaotic, messy and maybe even dirty.

These contradictions are where we find ourselves faced with the dilemma of control or responsibility. This problem is the cause of many health problems in the body. When the mind confuses the rest of the body with the messages our disconnection and messy internal dialogue sends, we get confused. Find out what you are responsible for and remove what you are trying to control. Those things that you are desperately trying to control or situations that you cannot control without violently using energies that are not in harmony with you. You are only responsible for what your soul needs to thrive! Release Control!

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