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Could this startup spawn the next era of Tesla rivals?


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In the latest episode of the capsule, we discuss the week’s biggest news stories, including the new promise of the German government get a financial boost of 30 billion euros for startups, Finnish quantum computing hardware provider IQM’s Investment round of 128 million euros — The largest quantum round in Europe to date — and a photonics startup iPronics round worth €3.7 million to give birth to the next generation of Tesla competitors.

We also talk to Freya Praty and Miriam Partington, who wrote a story about a new service for gigeconomy workers it promises better payment transparency across the various programs they may work on.

Finally, Sifted Podcast producer Georgina Ustick interviews writer Eana Kelly about the new wave of crypto clubs — exclusive spaces, both IRL and physical, that want to provide a Soho House experience for crypto holders.

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