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Council transfers Fremont County head to new “role and responsibilities”

Council transfers Fremont County head to new

Fremont School District superintendent Byron Stutzman has moved to a new role in the district.

Chairman of the Board John Bailey confirmed the change to EdNews on Wednesday and confirmed an email he sent to district staff and teachers mentioning the reshuffle that occurred during Monday’s board meeting.

Byron Stutzman

Bailey did not say what Stutzman’s new role was and what prompted the change, citing staffing issues. But he noted that the draft minutes of the meeting will indicate the new role of Stutzman. On Wednesday, EdNews requested minutes of the meeting and will update this story with details as they arrive.

On Wednesday, Stutzman declined to comment.

Bailey’s e-mail mentioned a new “role and responsibilities” for Stutzman, whose proxies hired as superintendent in 2016. Federal Director and Director of Special Education Ben Garcia and South Fremont Junior Class Director David Morotz will serve as interim supervisors.

The two “will work on their recommendations for the council in the near future,” Bailey said in an email.

Stutzman joined North Fremont after he was fired from Crook County School in Sundance, Vayo. Stutzman spent four years as the head of the school district of Bull, Idaho, before taking a senior position in Crook County in 2013.

Take a look at Bailey’s emails to employees:

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