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Coventry provides online product delivery


Brokers will now be able to send identical product transfers to intermediaries via Coventry over the Internet.

The process uses the Iress Mortgage Sales and Origination platform, which requires a “simple” online registration to use, the lender says.

According to Coventry, this will make shipping “simpler, faster and easier.”

Iress recently abandoned its plan to open a mortgage business in the UK.

Director of Mortgage Allocation Kevin Purvey says: “We know that brokers’ time is particularly valuable now and this new feature will help speed up the product handover process.

“We are always looking for ways in which we can find the right balance between the simplicity of our processes and the quality of our service.

“Launching online products like this through MSOs is just the beginning of the journey, and we’re now focusing on the next phase, which will deliver a new mortgage application and case tracking system.”

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