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Critchfield ranks in the race of the head of state

Critchfield ranks in the race of the head of state

Candidate Debbie Critzfield retained significant leadership in the Republican primary for the state superintendent after 60% of polling stations reported.

Debbie Critzfield welcomes well-wishers to the Idaho Republican Party celebrations Tuesday night at the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Boise.

According to figures early Wednesday morning, Critchfield held the line ahead of other contender Branden Durst and Gray Ibar’s superintendent, who had two terms. Critchfield came close to 89,000 votes compared to nearly 70,000 in Durst. Ibara lost to Durst, gaining just over 59,000 votes.

But the vote was still counted early Wednesday: 27 of Idaho’s 44 counties fully reported and 10 partially.

“We are positive about the profits we see,” Crichfield said at 1 p.m. Wednesday. “We are grateful to state voters who believe in our message that Idaho’s children come first.”

Ibara has served for seven years, Kritchfield has served as president of the State Board of Education, and Durst is a former senator from Idaho.

Cruchfield, which is far away exceeded – and spent – Durst and Ibara have positioned themselves in recent months as agents of change with years of experience in the K-12. Durst, a Democrat lawmaker who became a conservative supporter of the hard line, cared for right-wing Republicans, and Ibara advertised her experience in the classroom as well to try to persuade voters.

Go here for a preview and links to the coverage of the EdNews race and the historic May 17 primaries, which have major implications for the K-12, possible reshuffles in offices across the state and 105 seats in the legislature.

The winner of today’s race of the head of state will fight the only Democrat Terry Gilbert in the general election in November.

EdNews will watch the results overnight and update this story. Check it out our homepage for the latest live races on the superintendent and other state offices, including the governor and lieutenant governor.

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