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Debt News – July 10, 2022 · Debt Camel


My news picks from last week are articles about electricity bills.

Call for Evidence: An Overview of the Personal Insolvency System gov.uk: My comment – ​​finally! It is wide but slow. – I do not think that we can wait for the end of this process for any urgent improvements.

Gasoline prices:

Energy bills:

What role does credit play in the cost of living crisis? Center for Responsible Credit: But the growing intensity of financial pressures on low-income households suggests that repayment will become increasingly difficult in the near term, regardless of low or even zero interest rates.

Debt servicing demand from Lloyds customers jumps 30% Guardian: Three-quarters of the bank’s 26 million UK customers fear rising prices, with 80% of them having less than £500 in savings

IVA cost of living guide:

Councils are evicting more than 2,500 families for failing to pay rent during the pandemic Mirror: The council that evicted the most households for insufficient rent in one year was Sheffield City Council, with 140 evictions in 2019/20.

Why did Barclays cancel my unused overdraft? Guardian: “Barclays has told me that it reviews customer-arranged overdrafts on an annual basis and plans to remove any that remain unused.” My comment is a shame it doesn’t help people who use theirs a lot and are clearly in trouble….

One in ten Brits bought crypto assets despite warnings Times (paid access) Research commissioned by HMRC found that around 6.7 million adults owned or purchased crypto-assets. That’s almost three times higher than estimates from the Financial Conduct Authority, the City’s regulator, which said 2.3 million adults owned crypto assets at the start of last year.

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