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Delhi plans to create 1 lux of “green” jobs in 5 years through “Smart Urban Farming”, a new solar policy, 25 thousand electronic cars: The Tribune India



New Delhi, March 26th

The Delhi government on Saturday said it would create 1,000,000 “green” jobs over the next five years by launching the Smart Urban Farming campaign, adding 25,000 electronic cars and installing rooftop solar power plants with a total capacity of 2,500 megawatts.

Green jobs are jobs that have a direct positive impact on the environment, which are traditionally associated with renewable energy, electric transport, energy efficiency or nature conservation.

“Providing clean air and water for future generations is an integral part of the Delhi government’s vision for 2047. With that in mind, the Delhi government is set to launch several initiatives over the next five years that will create more than one lacquer of green jobs, ”said Deputy Prime Minister Manish Sisodia, presenting Delhi’s budget for the 2022-23 fiscal year.

He said that within 18 months of launching the Delhi EV Policy-2020 the capital has become the “EV capital of India”.

EV’s share of new vehicle sales increased from 1.2% in 2019-2020 to 10% in February 2022, Sisodia said, adding that Delhi became India’s first state to exceed the 10% limit in EV sales. that is more than the share of electric vehicles in many developed countries such as the UK, France and Singapore.

“With the increase in EV share, 20,000 new jobs will be created in the next five years in sales, repair and maintenance, operation and maintenance of charging stations,” said Sisodia, who also holds a financial portfolio.

In addition, the Delhi government next year will launch more than 4,200 electronic cars with a 33% booking for women drivers.

“In coordination with the Honorable Supreme Court, we will issue 5,000 electronic permits annually for the next five years, and this will create 25,000 new jobs,” the deputy minister said.

He said the government will embark on a new solar policy to achieve the goal of increasing the installed capacity of rooftop solar power plants to 2,500 MW in the next five years, which should account for 10 percent of Delhi’s annual energy needs.

“This will create 40,000 jobs for salespeople, builders, electricians, technicians and engineers in the field,” he said.

The government will also launch “Smart Urban Farming” in collaboration with the Indian Agricultural Research Institute-PUSA to increase the supply of nutritious organic food and provide employment opportunities for women at home.

It will be the largest initiative of its kind for any state in India. The Delhi government will organize workshops across the city and make Smart Urban Farming a mass movement by providing subsidized materials and trained gardeners specifically for Delhi women. This will create 25,000 new jobs in Delhi for the next five years, ”Sisodia said.

An ambitious plan with an estimated cost of Rs 750 crore for the revitalization of more than 600 lakes and water bodies in Delhi will create more than 6,000 green jobs for 33 ongoing repairs and maintenance of these water bodies.

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