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Dell Technologies Reveals 5-Step Process for Getting a Job (Event Overview)


You’ve heard resume and interview advice from friends, you’ve heard it from teachers, and maybe you’ve even heard it from people who claim to be job search experts. But there is one particular group of people who will be able to provide resume and interview advice more valuable than all others, and that is the person responsible for hiring you.

Unfortunately, people don’t get a chance to ask employers who they think makes a good interviewer or get advice on their resume, at least not until the job opportunity presents itself.

That’s why we made it for you.

In our recent virtual event with Dell Technologies, we heard from a $100 billion multinational technology company about what they look for in a resume and how to nail the interview process. The virtual event was hosted by Staff Rotation Program Manager Megan Evangelista, who offered her invaluable insight on resume tips and interview tips.

If you haven’t attended a virtual event, that’s okay! Below are some golden nuggets from Megan’s 5-step guide to help you land a job at Dell Technologies.

1. Resume 101

The first and most important tool you will need in the application process is your CV. As Meghan explained it, your resume is “a teaser trailer, that upcoming opportunity to talk about yourself, your experience, and get the reader excited and, more importantly, interested in learning more about you.”

Megan went on to say that it’s not enough to simply list skills on your resume. Anyone can say they’re analytical, detail-oriented, and a leader, but the way you describe your experience and how you bring those skills to life proves that you have them.

In addition, how you organize and prepare your resume will also make a big difference.

2. Preparation for the interview

Once you’ve captured and prepared your resume, you can move on to preparing for the interview. During the virtual event, Megan explained that the first and most important thing to do is research your audience. Reflecting on a past experience, Meg recounted a bad experience when a candidate knew nothing about Dell.

“When I was a recruiter, there was nothing more frustrating for me than when I met a student and they were really excited and then they said, ‘So what’s Dell doing?'”

Megan Evangelista, Head of Staff Rotation Program

In addition to researching the company, it’s important to know your resume, understand the job duties, and finally, prepare some questions to ask the interviewer that show you’re actively interested in the position and have done your research!

Finally, make sure you try to understand some of the questions they might ask you during the interview. Some of these questions may be related to communication, analytical skills, technical skills, teamwork, or your work ethic, so be prepared for examples from all categories.

3. Practice

One thing that many candidates tend to skip or forget to do is practice starting with your presentation. A good proposal will include your name, major and year of study, education and personality traits, your ideal role and why you want to apply to the company (Dell).

The next thing you’ll want to do is prepare examples of questions you might be asked. Megan suggests using the EAR method – Example, Action, Result – when creating answers to questions.

“When you’re interviewing, you’re probably not too relaxed, so it’s a great framework to rely on when you’re answering questions like this.”

Megan Evangelista, Head of Staff Rotation Program

Finally, you want to rehearse. Grab a friend or family member and ask them to listen to you speak or ask you some interview questions. Record yourself or even do it in front of the mirror until it feels natural. The more you test your preparation, the more relaxed you’ll feel when the interview comes!

4. Execute

Interview day has arrived and now it’s time to put your skills and all your preparation to the test. While the main theme of the execution phase is preparation, the scenarios will be different if you are doing a virtual or in-person interview.

If it’s an in-person meeting, remember to dress professionally, arrive early (at least 15 minutes in advance), turn off your phone, and bring extra copies of your resume. If it’s virtual, you’ll also want to dress professionally, turn off your phone, and log in 15 minutes early, but you’ll also want to double-check your Wi-Fi connection and make sure you’re in a quiet place with no distractions.

“Finding a quiet place and taking a breather before you meet someone and really focusing can really go a long way. So think about what centering and calming looks like for you, and then make sure you’re prepared beforehand.”

Megan Evangelista, Head of Staff Rotation Program

5. Follow through

​​​​​​While many candidates may feel that the extra message is optional, in some cases it can be the difference between someone saying “yeah, let’s engage them in another conversation” or “eh, we’ve seen enough” .

In her experience as a recruiter, Megan notes that while “it sounds very counter-intuitive and maybe even a little old-fashioned to send thank you letters”, she can assure you that they are very important and not as common as you might think!

Megan even shared an instance where she considered five different candidates for a role and only the one who emailed her was the one who ended up getting the job. During the virtual event, Megan also gave us a great template to use when sending a follow-up message.


This 5-step guide to getting a job at Dell Technologies can more or less be boiled down to three main functions – preparation, practice and execution. If you want to land a job at one of the most coveted tech companies in the world, make this manual your bible and make sure you use these three features religiously.

If you do, you might just end up in the your dream job.

Dell Technologies Summer Series presents virtual events that talk about early tips, tricks and skills to build your career early.

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