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Deloitte employees choose new philanthropic partnerships to make a meaningful impact – FE News


Deloitte continues to succeed 5 million futures A responsible business programme, which aims to help five million people get where they want to go through access to education and work, in partnership with 12 new charities across the UK.

The 12 new charities will join the 10 charities that have just renewed their existing partnership with Deloitte. Supporting children and young people is a key theme in many of the partnerships, with six of the new charity partners targeting mental health and wellbeing. The rest relate to homelessness, health, education, employment and inclusion (disability, diversity and social mobility).

Claire Burton, Director of Responsible Business at Deloitte, said:

“We invited our staff across the UK to nominate a charity they were passionate about as a potential charity partner for the Deloitte region in which they work. After receiving over 200 nominations, we created a shortlist based on our social impact strategy for access to education, employment and inclusion, and invited each charity to apply. Our people’s final vote was for a charity they felt they could strongly support in a particular project or program in their area.

“Our goal is to remove barriers to education and employment by giving people the skills and opportunities to succeed. We are delighted to welcome these new charities alongside our national charity partnerships to our 5 Million Futures program and further demonstrate our aim to make a meaningful impact.”

Dan Barlow, regional markets managing partner at Deloitte UK, added:

“Our staff have identified organizations that support some of society’s hardest-to-reach groups and we will help them access training, skills and employment opportunities through volunteering, fundraising and free business advice.

“Partnerships with organizations and communities in the places where we work are important to our people. Working with our charity partners not only empowers our people to support their communities, but also helps us develop our skills and knowledge, enabling us to provide a more inclusive service to our clients.”

Uuniversity has been a charity partner of 5MF in Leeds since 2017. Rosie Kenwood, Regional Operations Manager at Uuniversity, added: “It is a great honor for me to work closely with Deloitte. Their support has been extensive and has benefited many of our young people, from our 8th graders who have had careers sessions opened by Deloitte volunteers, to our 13th graders and current university students who have gained incredible support through networking skills and resumes. Our employees have also benefited enormously from the partnership, from learning more about how we work as a team through the Business Chemistry framework to great mentoring from senior staff and partners. We are very grateful for this opportunity and thank everyone at Deloitte for their support and involvement.”

In May, 1,300 Deloitte volunteers took part in Better Futures Month, a month-long volunteering initiative that directly supports Deloitte’s ambitions to build a better future for the UK through skills, education and employment.

Richard Houston, senior partner and CEO at Deloitte, was one of 374 volunteers who joined Debate Mate, helping schoolchildren in 138 schools with their speaking and communication skills. Volunteering during the month also included recording over 300 audiobooks for young people with learning disabilities, creating 100 transferable skills cards and filming over 50 employment and career advice videos. In addition, Deloitte volunteers held mentoring and careers talks with refugees and asylum seekers, and 360 urban beach cleaners took to the streets of UK cities.

Over the past three years, volunteers on Deloitte’s Social Impact Program have clocked up more than 80,000 hours of volunteering and 30,000 hours of pro bono work, impacting more than 900,000* futures in the UK.

Deloitte will continue to work with its 33 school partnerships across the UK. Last year, Deloitte promised donate 7,500 of their laptops for UK schools, charities and families. There was a final batch of over 1000 laptops donated to Ukrainian refugees come to the UK to help families stay in touch with loved ones, support access to education and employment and connect with communities in the UK and abroad.

The Deloitte Charity Partnership will support this WorldClass ambition improve 100 million futures worldwide by 2030.

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