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Diane Streck’s Great Vision and Call to Prayer


Great vision creates great synergy

The seeds of great vision can take root in some of the most unexpected places. For me, it started with a firm grip on the table and a heavy plea: “Gather the women of America to pray, Diane, this is the only hope for our nation,” prayed Vonneth Bright, co-founder of Campus Crusade.

When a second-hand vision becomes your own, it stays deep in the soul. It replayed in my head night after sleepless night. I thought that one person could not do this. One evening I picked up a book by a brave brother Andrew who wrote: “God invites us to influence our community, our nation and the world – to direct history while we are on our knees.”


If the vision can be fulfilled on its own, it is not of God.

The vision seemed overwhelming, as great visions are. My next thought was to pass it on by asking a few people to hear the story. Everyone was enthusiastic, but eventually it came back to me. The She Loves Out Loud prayer movement was born on the day we pledged together to share healing and prayer with those affected by violence and to call for racial reconciliation.

Synergy began to spread its power as the vision was adopted across the country. People I’ve never met in person built a website, set up social media, designed graphics, and every speaker donated their time. Sheila Walsh told James Robison about the vision and he said, “Use my studio and staff.” I was amazed at how God joined us in this call.


If you are driven by a vision, then wake up every morning expecting something strange and repetitive,

You know, God can do anything – much more than you could ever imagine or guess or ask in your wildest dreams!

Ephesians 3:20

I wish I could share an exact strategy, but there wasn’t one. We met online to pray and plan weekly, and I stayed at my desk for 12 hours a day, working as if there were no limits. Every morning I opened my computer to see what the Lord had sent. Like manna from heaven, emails of encouragement, funding and support poured into my inbox. A year later, over a million people joined us from all 50 states for the broadcast.


The challenge will come, but don’t let it be the top dog.

Last year, the team announced a call to expand “She Loves Out Loud” to “Six Continents – One Heartbeat of Prayer.” Five days later I was diagnosed with cancer and the next year was a whirlwind of pain, crying and the unknown.


My team didn’t give up, and I learned firsthand that when you’re down, God continues to work. He is the Faithful God. I came out of my surgical stupor to find this Another child received the vision secondhand, scattering the news around the world. Collaborators joined in, and the manna is flowing again. She Loves Out Loud Global will reach all six continents with one heartbeat of prayer on November 5, 2022.

Of this I am sure: each of us was created to be an active, compassionate participant in the story of God’s grand narrative.

It’s not louder voices that change lives, it’s bigger hearts,

beat with tenacity, compassion and prayer.


I invite you to join the vision She Loves Out Loud Global when we cross seas to answer the Samaritan woman’s request, “Give me this water, that I may not thirst.” Just open your doors to gather with the women of the world for prayer. Swiss theologian Karl Barth said it well: “To clasp hands in prayer is the beginning of a rebellion against the disorder of the world.”

It’s that simple. So very strong.


Diane Streckis the founder She Loves Out Loud Global. I invite you to check your vision She Loves Out Loud Global and join us on November 5ththousand when we gather six continents through one heartbeat of prayer. Open the doors of your church, ministry, or home to gather the women of the world for prayer. It’s that simple. So very simple.

Everyone who registers on Results of the Global Digital Experience conference will get instant access to She Loves Out Loud Global Prayer becauseā€¦

We are stronger together!

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