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Disney’s Ron DeSantis Attack Breaks Republican, Republican Opponent Says | Ron DeSantis


The political “revenge” attack on Disney by the Governor of Florida from Republicans, Ron DeSantisfor opposing his “don’t say gay” law violates the party’s mantra of restrained power, his Arkansas counterpart said.

DeSantis and Asa Hutchinson could compete for the Republican nomination for president in 2024. On Sunday, Hutchinson outlined his position on the state of the CNN Union.

“I don’t think the government should punish private business because we disagree with them,” the Arkansas governor said, referring to a law DeSantis signed last week. abolition of Disney’s 55-year right to self-government through its special area of ​​taxation in Florida.

“It’s not the right approach … for me it’s the old republican principle of restrained government.”

Critics have criticized DeSantis for exacerbating his hostility to the theme park giant, his state’s largest private employer, over the “Don’t Say Gays” law, which bans the discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in some classrooms.

Many educators believe that the law “insulting and insulting”And threatens to support LBGTQ + students in schools. Equality groups sued him.

“They are abusing their power and trying to deter Florida residents and businesses from expressing any support for this community,” said Democratic State spokesman Carlos Guillermo Smith.

Hutchinson didn’t seem to have a problem with DeSantis harassing the LGBTQ + community.

“The law that has been passed is common sense to me that in these classes, in these junior classes, you should not teach sexual orientation, those issues that should not be covered at this age,” he said.

«[But] let’s do it right. This is a fair discussion about special tax breaks, I understand that discussion. But let’s not persecute businesses and punish them for not agreeing with what they say.

“I do not agree with the punitive approach to business. Businesses make mistakes, [Disney] we shouldn’t have gone there, but we shouldn’t punish them for private actions. “

Disney hit DeSantis this week informing investors that the state cannot liquidate its status without first paying off the bond company’s debts, reports CNN will be about $ 1 billion.

The controversy focuses on an organization called the Well-Beaten Creek District, founded by him. Florida legislators in 1967 to allow Disney to raise its own taxes and provide necessary government services when it began building its empire of theme parks.

The DeSantis Act aims to eliminate all special tax districts established before 1968. Analysts predict families in two counties may face Disney lands the property tax has risen by thousands of dollars each when Reedy Creek is discontinued next summer.

DeSantis insisted during Fox News City Hall on Thursday that Disney would be responsible for paying off its debts. Without giving details, he promised “additional legislative measures” to address the problem, CNN said.

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