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Do you motivate your team?

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Being a leader is not easy. It takes more than knowing how to do the job. It requires more than excellent communication skills and influence. It even requires more than emotional intelligence and sustainability. Good leaders know how to have their own energy.

By “energy” I mean the level of team interaction and, more specifically, the personal diligence of a team member after interacting with his or her leader, especially when solving a serious problem. In some cases, employees may feel excited, interested, eager to improve, motivated, and open to the problem. In other cases, they may feel vulnerable, exhausted, exhausted, unmotivated, or, worst of all, fearful.

In the first case, employees will work to improve, even if they make mistakes along the way and they realize that the problem they are facing is temporary. In the second case, although they can still work hard to improve, fear makes them work in a negative state.

Good leaders are good energy generators. They use the energy of the relationship (one that elevates and enhances) to support their team and organization. Here’s how:

Raises the spirits of others

Good leaders understand how to lift the spirits of others both in difficult times and when things are going well. Naturally, the energy level in a team varies, and while the leader has a strong influence, these levels do not depend only on the team leader. However, a leader’s energy level, more than that of any other team member, influences the topics discussed, the team’s approaches to their work, the team members ’perspective on their leader’s state of mind and their perspective on the organization. As a result, leaders need to rebuild their positions this year, realizing how powerful their personal energy is. The good news is that there is enough calm enthusiasm.

Positive or constructive energy is the key to a productive work environment. With positive team energy it is easier to maintain employee employment. And, according to Gallup“Only one manager has 70% variance in teamwork” due to “innate tendencies of the manager, the commitment of the manager [and] employees’ perception of the manager’s behavior. “

Here’s the good news: when leaders maintain their own positive energy, it has a positive impact on their team.

Creating a positive and constructive team energy

The heliotropic effect is the tendency of all people to thrive and be attracted to positive energy by weakening or avoiding exclusion (or negative) energy. According to a study by the Center for Positive Organizations at the University of MichiganIf leaders are positive with energy, they are more likely to have abundant, frequent communication with their team members. For the most part, people who positively charge others with energy:

    • Are high performers.
    • Tend to improve the work of others.
    • Implement their ideas more often.
    • Engage high-performing performers.

In addition, people who interact with or are associated with energizers also work better. When organizations have a network of positive energy generators, they seek to recruit more such professionals, which affects their culture and performance levels. A study by the Center for Positive Organizations found that high-performance organizations have three times more positive assets than low-performing organizations.

Thus, the presenters: As Fr. a good corporate citizen, can you come up with ways to increase your positive energy? Obviously, this work is internal, and only you can master it. If you already have these tendencies, it will be easy for you to reinforce them. If not, think about what you are doing grow personally so you can better impact your team’s performance and have the type of impact that yields the most effective results. Challenge yourself and enjoy the behavior and performance you will evoke in your team members this year!

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