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Dublin Teachers’ Association members protest during Dublin United School District contract negotiations | Dublin News

 Dublin Teachers' Association members protest during Dublin United School District contract negotiations |  Dublin News

DUBLIN – The Dublin Teachers Association (DTA) recently held a campaign to raise awareness of working negotiations between staff and the Dublin Joint School District (DUSD).

Rally participants gathered on April 26 at Dublin High School before heading southwest to the DUSD office with picket signs. DTA President Robbie Kreitz said there were various unions, as well as a number of certified and classified DUSD staff, students and families.

“We had a lot of votes,” Kreitz said. “We had a rally because we are in the middle of labor talks. This is spring. There is a shortage of teachers, and we want to raise awareness about the recruitment and retention of Dublin teachers. ”

The DTA is currently asking the district to increase the “working year” credit for new employees from five to 10 years, which improves retirement benefits; a one-time payment for working time for existing employees, similar to a bonus; a proposal for 90% health care funding for new and existing employees; and a steady increase in wages of 4% in the current school year.

DUSD public information officer Chip Denert said the county’s latest counter-proposal includes increasing credit for new employees in the 2022-23 school year from the current five years to 10 years.

“After that, every year in the 2032-2033 academic year, an additional year will be added, up to a maximum of 20 years of recognized service,” Denert wrote in an email to The Independent. “In addition, for the 2022-2023 academic year, the district has proposed a salary increase of 3.25 percent.”

Denert went on to note that the district currently funds 75% of Kaiser’s single bonuses, or employees can receive a 20.5% bonus on their checks, which was agreed last year.

The next step is to wait for the upcoming negotiation session on May 16.

“We have approached each session of the talks with the intention of reaching an agreement – this is the goal,” Kreitz said. “We are committed to staying here and making Dublin our eternal home, and we need to recruit new teachers to join Dublin. We need to strengthen the set and not lose what we have, so let’s get back to the table. “

Kreitz shared that she hopes the revised state budget, to be released this month, will allow for more funding for education, allowing DUSD to meet teachers ’demands.

DUSD superintendent Chris Funk said the county understands that full compensation is important for current and future employees.

“Dublin’s only school district is incredibly proud of what we can offer our staff in the form of full compensation and benefits, as it demonstrates our commitment to recruiting and retaining the best teachers for our students,” he said. “Our current offer enhances our full compensation and benefits and keeps us at the highest level in our surrounding areas.”

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