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Eastern Washington blocked the professor on Twitter


Eastern Washington University has banned a professor from using the university’s Twitter account for nearly a year because of his tweets criticizing the university’s spending on athletics. Press review reported.

Larry Cebula, professor of history, was blocked.

David Meaney, director of communications and media relations, called Cebula’s tweets defamatory. For example, he pointed to this tweet: “For those keeping track at home, #EWU is still a dumpster fire caused by an admin rummaging through every office on campus to find even more money for the football team,” Cebulo wrote. “The campus is half staffed, unable to order equipment, hire students, or get support for critical tasks.”

Meaney said: “A tweet like this is insulting to Eastern, especially since prospective students can easily search for what’s going on at Eastern using the #EWU hashtag.”

When Cebula asked why he was blocked last week, the university’s social media team couldn’t find a tweet disparaging football players, Meaney added. As a result, it was unlocked. However, Meaney said the university stands by its decision.

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