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Keeping your workspace clutter-free helps routine operations look professional and run smoothly. If you’re currently in a cluttered studio space, it may not be clear where you should even begin to set up. In addition, professional video production requires a lot of complex equipment that will quickly break in the wrong hands. Keep your studio clean with these easy ways to get rid of the clutter of professional video equipment.

Increase the number of racks

If your cables, cameras, microphones, lights and other equipment are overflowing in your inventory, it’s time to free up more shelf space. After all, overcrowding your current shelves can cause equipment damage if something falls to the ground or hits and scrapes a nearby surface. This is especially useful if you are taking on more projects that require additional equipment.

Expanding your business is a good thing, but it often requires you to expand your manufacturing facilities. Something as quick as getting new shelving for your equipment can help your equipment expand with you instead of holding you back.

Remember the step-by-step instructions after shooting

By far, doing routine inventory checks is one of the best ways to maintain professional video equipment. However, some cases require special checks, such as when a new project is completed. Whether you’re working on live streams or pre-recorded video content, returning equipment to inventory can lead to rookie mistakes.

These mistakes include misplacing equipment or storing it in unsafe locations. By taking inventory after the shoot, you can ensure that employees don’t leave the area in a mess after a long day at work. Remind new hires about the importance of proper storage and teach them best practices to create consistency on every project.

Know when equipment needs to be replaced

A helpful way to prevent equipment clutter in the studio is to remember to replace old equipment when it’s time to upgrade to a newer model. This way, you can have all the available space for the equipment you need to use. However, there are situations when it is not beneficial for your studio to get rid of old equipment.

For example, if your primary camera breaks, a high-quality backup will always come in handy. In addition, you may need different cameras, microphones and other equipment for different purposes. If you need to upgrade your hardware without completely getting rid of all your old units, organize your storage space accordingly. Suffice it to say, this is a situation where new shelving will help you a lot.

Remember these simple ways you can declutter your professional video equipment to keep your production space safe and efficient.

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