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EdPuzzle: Are Millennials Bad About Money?


You’ve heard the argument, now let’s settle it…

This week’s EdPuzzle video from Two cents called “Are millennials bad about money?” removes some of the layers that hold back some of the traditional financial milestones of younger generations. The gap is only widening as spending continues to outpace wage growth year after year, making one wonder what’s in store for Gen Z and beyond.

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Always passionate about studies, Dan’s parents affectionately nicknamed him “Sponge” when he was a child. With a Master of Science in Engineering from North Carolina State University and six years of teaching, Dan joins NGPF to pursue his passion of inspiring financial empowerment to anyone who will listen. After spending seven years of college debt-free through scholarships, jobs, creative budgeting and great help, he recognizes the freedom that comes with financial independence and hopes to share that gift with others. In the (rare) moments when he is not discussing finances, Dan enjoys running, reading, playing board games, spending time with his daughter, and being a sous chef for his wife.

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