Home Education Employment of people with intellectual disabilities in Europe – a study

Employment of people with intellectual disabilities in Europe – a study

Employment of people with intellectual disabilities in Europe - a study

Employment of people with intellectual disabilities in Europe – a study

What are the benefits of diversity management with workers with intellectual disabilities?

  • External benefits for the company
  • Internal benefits for the company
  • Benefits for an employee with intellectual disabilities

How can companies provide support for workers with intellectual disabilities?

How do people with intellectual disabilities contribute to diversity management?

“My employee with intellectual disabilities is very active and dedicated to his work. I would like to have 30 more such workers. “

“A colleague with an intellectual disability is given new tasks, which are studied step by step. Changes in his daily planning at the last minute remain difficult for him. We all know that. Its leader gives him time and space to adapt to a new and unforeseen situation. “

“The agency introduced me to an employee with an intellectual disability. I conducted the interview, as with any other candidate: look for skills, drive and motivation, not look for limitations. I wanted to find out what skills this candidate had, and to correlate the assignments with those skills. So I was looking for repetitive, structured tasks that make it difficult for other employees. I combined them into a job with a clear description for an employee with an intellectual disability. We engaged in communication more thoroughly and more slowly. We repeated a lot. We have to
We used to do the same with all other employees. “

“We went through a thorough process of‘ cutting out vacancies ’with the support of a work coach and his school. They identified his key strengths and combined them with roles
and the tasks that needed to be done at our hotel. This included a whole new perspective on our recruitment and required us to be more flexible with our job descriptions and areas of work. In addition, we worked on a flexible application process to ensure that it was fully accessible to the ID candidate. Instead of having a standard interview for the role
he shot a video with his work coach that showed how he demonstrates all the work he can do and the skills he has. ”


  1. Create a network of inclusive companies and entrepreneurs to share with peers, find workers with intellectual disabilities to raise awareness of the talents and skills of people with intellectual disabilities.
  2. It is better to accompany people with intellectual disabilities in creating a resume, applying for a job and communicating with potential employers.
  3. Build partnerships between schools and industry.
  4. Review hiring processes and procedures.
  5. Creating easy-to-read documents needed to hire a new employee, starting with an agreement.

Read full report here (.pdf)

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The study was conducted within My talents for diversity project.

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