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EU CRPD review; Self-defenders’ expectations regarding independent living – #IncludeNews April 2022

 EU CRPD review;  Self-defenders' expectations regarding independent living - #IncludeNews April 2022

EU CRPD review; Self-defenders’ expectations regarding independent living – #IncludeNews April 2022

#IncludeNews brings you updates on the work done to include people with intellectual disabilities in Europe. This post is updated with new information within a month.

On April 27, EDF adopted a position paper on the rights of persons with disabilities in civil law cooperation

European Disability Forum the paper gives an overview differences in capacity across the EU.

  • The document shows how the rights of people with disabilities can be violated in cross-border cases.
  • It also provides recommendations to the European Union on cross-border legal protection.

EDF recommends:

  • The EU should not promote the ratification of the 2000 Hague Convention, which is outdated and does not meet the requirements CRPD.
  • The EU must develop measures to abolish substitutes decision making in all EU member states.

New report of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on deinstitutionalisation.

The Croatian Association elects a new leadership on April 26

Croatian Association of Societies of People with Intellectual Disabilities chosen new president and board at the April 23 meeting.

  • Azren Kotel was elected president until 2026.
  • The association is a member of Inclusion Europe.

The CRPD is considering how the EU is adhering to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities – April 20

UN CRPD Committee published its list of issues before the report on the European Union.

Learn more:

Pentru voi celebrates 25 years of work for people with intellectual disabilities

  • Pentru voi is an organization in Timisoara, Romania.
  • Pentru voi is a member of Inclusion Europe.
  • Pentru voi was established 25 years ago.
  • It was the first day care center for adults with intellectual disabilities in Romania.

A new series of podcasts from Inclusion Europe – April 14

  • In conversation with… this is a new series Radio Inclusion Europe.
  • It brings conversations on topics that are important to what Inclusion Europe is doing.
  • In the first episode, Milan Schwerze talks to Julie Beadle-Brown and Jan Szyszko about deinstitutionalization and good services for people with disabilities; listen here:

Laszlo Berche spoke at a webinar on independent living on April 13

I visit many institutions.

  • In one of them I met people who said they really like football.
  • They could watch the game from their window, but could not join …
  • This summarizes segregation.

We want to be fully citizens of our communities, cities, Europe.

  • We need the support of our families, colleagues.
  • We need real work with a fair salary. Quality services cost a lot of money.
  • We need personal budgets to be able to choose the best services for us.
  • We must have a choice of services.
  • We need easy to understand information about the various services available.

Service providers should not allow people with disabilities into institutions.

  • Support people live independently.
  • Support communities to include people with disabilities.
  • Teach employees to provide better support tailored to individual needs, involving “users”.

The EU must help countries with deinstitutionalization, so it goes faster, according to the available recommendations.

Russia’s war against Ukraine

Europe in Action Conference:

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