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Everything you need to know about hacking NEET- The New Indian Express

Everything you need to know about hacking NEET- The New Indian Express

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Since you are aiming to clean up NEET 2017, don’t waste an iota of time you have left to prepare for the exam. Having set goals, now is the time to work hard to reach your destination.

Here are some tips for working with NEET 2017:

Both the first and second year parts of Plus Two are important and have the same weight in the exam. Plan time to cover the topics of both years in physics, chemistry, botany and zoology. While NEET 2017 is based on the NCERT curriculum for grades XI and XII, it is vital to prepare for a slightly higher level on each topic.

Prepare a training plan and follow it carefully to prepare carefully. Solid training in all subjects will lead to success in the exam. Proper planning will help cover the full program in the available time. Selective study will not help, and it is safer to cover all portions.

Persistence in training is also paramount. It’s not enough to work for a few days and then move on to a relaxed attitude for the next few days. This will break the link between topics and lead to incomplete training.

Work as hard as you can and stretch your time and effort to the limit of endurance. The more you prepare, the more confident you become. A confident student can always do better on an exam.

Don’t make the mistake of trying something new in the last few days before the exam. It is too late to reach perfection in a short time. It will also take a lot of time that you can use to view. Being caught between trying to learn something complex anew and wasting time reviewing previous topics can be very frustrating for any student.

Along with all the efforts and plans for thorough preparation for D-Day, you need to be careful not to be distracted during preparation. Mobile phones, electronic gadgets, social networks and television can take up too much of your time and leave you anxious to such an extent that you can hardly concentrate.
It is also important to monitor your physical health. Strong and sufficient sleep, healthy food in the right quantities and sufficient exercise contribute to better concentration and preparation for the examination.

Finally, be calm and collected. Show the best results on the day of the NEET exam. Get a good night’s sleep before the exam. On the day of the exam it is easy to eat and drink enough water. Approach the exam confidently. Don’t worry about facing some difficult issues in the newspaper. Rather, just move on with a positive attitude.

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