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Roofs: expensive repair items

Hello, Paul. Let’s talk about expensive repair items, and in particular, perhaps the most expensive. We were just talking about basics, and it can be expensive. But there are others that are potentially more expensive.

You know, in my opinion, I think roofs are probably the most expensive, starting with the foundation shortly after that, and then the heating and air conditioning.

Good. Therefore, let’s talk specifically about roof repair. So more often than not, you know, a lot of people probably fall into the “I’ve never been on the roof of my house” camp. is correct. And so I would say most homeowners don’t spend a lot of time there. So they don’t know the exact status. They’ll probably find out when the leak starts. is correct.

It would not. I mean, you know, water stains on the ceiling. And first of all, because if there is no plumbing in the attic.

aha Now a common cause of such problems can be the super intense heat we are experiencing right now. right? So we have, for example, 109 degrees, which has been for a while. That’s not good for shingles, is it? It doesn’t help.

This is an honest answer. I can’t, I mean, honestly, I can’t answer that.

I have an increased pulse. So, but we’re going to fight to the end. I have a feeling that the heat that gets on the roof is not good for the roof because it just bakes the shingles and dries them out and then makes them a little brittle, or you know, you don’t want to walk on it when it’s that hot.

You also have to be careful which roof you walk on. You won’t want to walk on every roof. You want to go up into the attic and look at the decking to make sure that no, the decking has fallen. And so that you do not fall when you walk on the roof.

But the thing that goes along with the roof repair really is that I don’t know if I left my career in real estate and just thought that I personally don’t know if I know anyone who when ever paid for my own roof to be replaced. It’s a really weird thing because it always seems like he gets into a hail situation and then he gets traded and you have a franchise.

But I don’t know anyone who says, “Oh, I just need to replace the roof all of a sudden, and they’re paying for it out of pocket.” A strange thing.

I couldn’t imagine that, because I mean, it’s such a huge expense. I mean, depending on the size of the house, the type of roof, and what shingles you use, you have a solar panel on the roof. I mean, there is no limit to the cost of a roof.

Have you ever inspected the roof of a Tesla?

I’m not. You don’t have. Good. I just was. Just curious. yes good. Well, no further questions.

No, I didn’t even test the solar panels. It’s you know, that’s what I’m asking them to do is have somebody else come in that’s certified to do it.

I don’t want to give them misinformation about it. Good. I’m not knowledgeable enough about it yet, so. Well, let’s ring the bell and move on.

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