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I have, I finished my MCom last year. I can’t decide what to do next in my life. It is better to apply for a job or continue your studies. In the case of the first, would an MBA be better or some other course?

You must first determine your career choice and intended field of work, and then select the appropriate course to pursue. Decide if you will be able to study for another two years or if you want to get a job right away. An MBA is a good option to pursue if you are looking for a career as a manager in a company. You may also consider a CS or CFA or a legitimate job depending on your abilities and interests. Courses related to insurance and actuarial science can also be a good career option. Either way, time is running out and you need to make an immediate decision, as long career breaks are not desirable.

I am interested in a branch of CSE / IT / Mathematics and Computer Science and received 91.2% in CBSE and my core score in JEE is 138 and VITEEE rank is 10038. I am admitted to LNMIIT Jaipur and also interested in VIT Chennai. Please tell me where to finish

Your results are good and you could work well in any of the areas such as CSE

/ IT / Mathematics and Computer Science. Make a list of preferred institutions and evaluate your options to get a place there. It would be advisable to block the place where you will get it immediately and then try for the preferred colleges of your choice.

Professor RSS Money is an outstanding career consultant and currently Vice President of Institutional Development in the ITM Institute Group. Email him at queries.edex@newindianexpress.com

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