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Explosive Evidence PROVES Justin Trudeau Is Fidel Castro’s Son


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This week, Joe Rogan introduced his audience of millions to a conspiracy that only grows stronger and more evidence emerges every year, no matter how much the liberal elite demand we stop talking about it. Is Canada’s mask-wearing, sock-loving, singing and dancing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau actually Fidel Castro’s son? While Justin Trudeau is best known as the son of former Canadian Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, comparative images of Pierre, Justin and Fidel Castro suggest that the story may be more important. According to Joe Rogan, the resemblance between Castro and Trudeau is “absolutely wild” and the Canadian prime minister should take a 23andMe genetic test as soon as possible. Rogan is not wrong. The resemblance is uncanny. But the Trudeau-Castro rabbit hole is much deeper than he realizes. In addition to the strong physical resemblance, the Cuban rumors are also supported by historical facts. Although Ottawa, where Justin Trudeau was born, is far from Havana, his mother Margaret Trudeau visited Cuba nine months before Justin was born, and there are photos of her interacting with Fidel Castro. That’s old Pierre Trudeau on the right, pretending to have no problem with his young and attractive wife hanging on the arm of Cuba’s wily dictator. Don’t forget, Castro was a hero of the international left in the 1970s. Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail confirms that Pierre and Margaret Trudeau have become close friends of Fidel Castro. “Pierre Trudeau and Fidel Castro crossed paths for the first time in 1970,” the Globe reports, before explaining that the Trudeaus had such a good time on the Caribbean island that “a lasting friendship was formed between the liberal Pierre Trudeau and the Marxist. – revolutionary Fidel Castro”. And while fact-checkers enjoy debunking claims that the Trudeaus were in Havana nine months before Justin was born, there are some inconvenient facts that fact-checkers refuse to address. At the time, Trudeau went on a Caribbean vacation, reportedly visiting various islands in the Caribbean. Although Cuba is not on the official itinerary, it is inconceivable that they would visit the neighboring islands and decide not to visit their good friend in Havana while they were in the neighborhood. So what really happened in Havana in 1970, nine months before Justin Trudeau was born back home in Ottawa? Earlier this year, Tucker Carlson introduced his viewers to the conspiracy by saying that Trudeau is “probably” the love child of former Cuban President Fidel Castro, while telling his viewers about the Cuban dictator’s long and sexual “friendship” with Trudeau’s mother, Margaret Trudeau. . Keep in mind that this trip to Cuba took place a year before the birth of Justin, who is nothing like his father Pierre. While there are no official records, there is a record of Margaret visiting Cuba after the birth of her son Justin, where she was met on the tarmac by Fidel. Before shocking Canada by marrying the current Prime Minister of Canada, Margaret was known in the 1970s for her risqué behavior. Describing her 1974 affair with Ted Kennedy, Margaret Trudeau wrote in her memoirs about the moment she met the US senator at a state dinner in New York: “That night I felt so attracted to him that we couldn’t even stand on distance of a couple of meters from each other. Pierre was not thrilled. Did Pierre remember what happened in Havana a few years ago? Justin Trudeau’s parentage has not been seriously questioned by the mainstream in Canada, but startling new information coming to light in Cuba may change that. A handwritten death note left by Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart, 68, the eldest of Fidel Castro’s legitimate children, appears to confirm long-standing rumors in Cuba that Fidel Castro is the father of Justin Trudeau. Fidelito wrote that his father, Fidel Castro, “always compared me unfavorably to Justin” and “dismissed my achievements compared to his success in Canada.” “But what was I to do? I’m Cuban. My brother is Canadian. If he had been born and raised in Cuba, he would have lived in our father’s shadow forever, just like me.” Newspunch broke the news earlier this year that Trudeau’s half-brother, Kyle Kemper, admitted that Justin is a “pawn” of the global elite in the service of the New World Order. Trudeau is “not speaking from the heart,” said his half-brother, who added that “blackmail is a very powerful tool.” When asked why Justin chose to betray the Canadian nation, his brother said that he is simply a puppet of the New World Order and takes orders directly from groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the World Economic Forum. Was Justin selected by the globalist elite to act as the front man for the New World Order? His previous history would make him an ideal candidate.

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