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Extron AV solutions create exciting learning spaces in the renovated Hill University Library, North Carolina

Extron AV solutions create exciting learning spaces in the renovated Hill University Library, North Carolina

Anaheim, CA (May 5, 2022) – DH Hill Jr. Library on the North Carolina State University campus has for decades been a resource for students and the community. The library has been constantly restored for many years and completed the last major renovation in 2021. Extron AV’s switching, distribution and control have been successfully deployed in the redesign to add advanced audio and video capabilities. New spaces with AV support include Innovation Studio, a platform for showcasing virtual reality and other new technologies; Visualization Studio with exciting 360-degree projection; and the Data Experience Lab, a collaborative space for data science and analytics. The renovation also includes more group rooms, more training laboratories and more space for presentations. Extron AV switching, distribution and control are critical to the operation of all these spaces.

“Our 15 years of experience with Extron has given us confidence that their products are suitable for Hill Library applications,” says Ryan Hunter, CTS, EAVA, ECP, AV Lead AV Professional for Advanced Technology Spaces at NCSU. “Regardless of the circumstances, we know we can count on Extron’s support.”

Visualization Studio relies on a 16 × 16 XTP II CrossPoint 1600 dot matrix switch to select and distribute software content on eight projectors. The XPA U 1002-70V and NetPA 1001-70V AT amplifiers transmit Atmos® audio from analog and Dante sources to seven SM 28T surface-mounted speakers that surround the audience and four SF 26PT suspended speakers suspended from the ceiling. Innovation Studio has a new interactive projection experience in which 4K laser projectors on the ceiling project images on a display table, and depth cameras sense the movements of people’s hands in 3D space above the countertop as they interact with projected images. The effect is a touch screen, but without “touch”. Again, the XTP II CrossPoint 1600 dot matrix switch handles AV switching on projectors and MPA 601 amps that move speakers over tables. All AV functions are controlled by IPCP Pro control processors and many TouchLink Pro wall and desktop touch panels.

To learn more about these and other places in the NCSU Hill Library, read the full example, Click here .

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