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Farewell to our 8-3 readers

Farewell to our 8-3 readers

That’s it 2 May 25, 2022 issue of an information bulletin from 8 to 3 about school, children and parenthood.

Dear readers,

When we launched this newsletter in April 2021, we were at a critical point of the pandemic. Only the most vulnerable adults were eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, and children did not stand in line for vaccinations for many more months. Schools have been closed for more than a year, and some have only just begun to open. Many parents did not feel safe sending their unvaccinated children to class. It was clear that the shared frustrations, struggles, empathy, and resilience of parents and children changed the schooling experience.

It was the best time to start with 8 to 3, which aimed to provide important information to parents at a time when there were so many unknowns. We wanted to help you navigate the daily struggle of parents as well as the mire of educational policy.

And over 50 newsletters later, we did just that. We studied the risks of attending meetings with children in California slowly opens. We wrote about COVID baby bustan unprecedented investment in summer school and increasing the number of teens struggling body image problems because of the pandemic. We delved into why the number of pregnant women is impressive have not been vaccinatedwhy the record number of parents was home schoolingand why children just were not interested in team sports. We have given you tips on how to deal with your children social anxiety caused by a pandemic and burnout of parents. And we paid attention to innovative ways of school turned to youth mental health crisis.

As K-12 students complete their first full year on campus, 8-3 has reached an end point – yet. We will keep you informed of future newsletter projects from our educational team.

Hopefully you will continue to subscribe to other LA Times newsletters, including Important California, Boiling point, Latinx files and Coronavirus today. And please keep up the good work daily news coverage about everything about the school, from our excellent education reporters.

It was a real pleasure to study with all of you. So far, goodbye and beware.

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