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Fashion research goes beyond the image trap – The New Indian Express

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Trends and needs of consumers in each industry change every year. It is often difficult for professionals to cope with this change. But Nandita Abraham, the new CEO of Pearl Academy, has a solution for that. She educates her students with a view to future work. With more than two decades of experience in corporations in India, the US and Hong Kong in strategic marketing and academic management, Nandita talks about her future plans and how they can help Pearl Academy students. Excerpts from our conversation …

How do you feel – being the CEO of the Fashion Academy?
I am very excited. I have been with Pearl for the past 15 years as a teacher. Then I was a business manager and engaged in corporate communications and marketing. I had an acquaintance with the various fields with which the academy could be connected. This is what moved me. It is a student-centered organization. We are always looking for new ways for our students. Becoming CEO has given me a better chance of working on these grounds.

Are there any expansion plans?
Yes. We are growing in two ways – geographically and thanks to new futuristic products. We opened a campus in Mumbai in 2014. We are also exploring the south. We have students from Kerala and Karnataka who are doing well.

What new courses do you plan to introduce?
Clothing design and fashion business were the main dishes we had. But over the years we have changed. We are now focusing more on the creative side. In fashion, as the industry has changed, we have introduced fashion style and image design. It focuses more on image development for movies, movies, etc. There are also media and fashion communications to establish a better connection with related areas. We train professionals for tomorrow’s careers, creative and not necessarily fashionable. The two areas we are currently considering are sports management and journalism. Journalism is changing rapidly these days. As sport has evolved as an industry, we need people who can manage things as well as understand the industry and the game. We have a good relationship with Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid Universidad Europea and are launching new courses together with this Spanish university.

Does student exchange help?
Our students go abroad and work. There are two options; in one students can study a semester abroad and the other a summer course. We now have four students in Paris. We contacted designer Rahul Mishra, who showcases twice a year at Paris Fashion Week. It allows our students to work with it. Students work there in conceptualization, production, photography, etc. They also get a great exhibit where they can meet people from different fields. It is life changing, especially for students from small towns such as Agra or Kattayam.

Contact: www.pearlacademy.com

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