Home Education Fighting primary school teacher agrees to leave Utah charter school

Fighting primary school teacher agrees to leave Utah charter school

Fighting primary school teacher agrees to leave Utah charter school

After investigating “inappropriate conversations” between the primary school teacher of the Renaissance Academy and her former students, the teacher and the school administration mutually agreed to part.

Mark Ursic, executive director, on Friday night Renaissance Academyissued the following statement: “Jenna Hall previously resigned for the 2022-2023 academic year on April 19, 2022. Following an investigation earlier this week, we mutually agreed to terminate our employment for the current school year, effective immediately. ”

Hall was on administrative leave before investigating the conversations she described in Fr. a video that was distributed on TikTokShe states that her former students, who are now in fifth grade, “come to me almost every day after school, and many of them are eccentrics because I am amazing. So they figured it out and I became their safe place. ”

According to the Utah State Board of Education’s licensing database, Hall has been licensed to teach in Utah since 2019, and since the fall of 2020 has been licensed by the local education agency to teach at the Renaissance Academy.

In an earlier statement, Ursic wrote that “the teacher describes several inadequate conversations with former students. The employee is on administrative leave pending a thorough investigation. It is expected that our teachers will have the highest degree of professionalism. Behavior that is unprofessional, violates the state code, or violates the trust given to us by the families of the Renaissance Academy will not be allowed. ”

In the video, Hall also said: “I am so happy that they are finding out who they are and that they are happy with who they are and they have found a safe place. But dude, I could never have imagined that in fifth grade I would say these things out loud, even though I know it’s okay. I grew up super-religious where nothing was right. And here’s seeing how it happens. ”

The Renaissance Academy, a state charter school in Lehi, serves about 750 students in K-8 classes.

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