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Flagship, part two – Ignatian spirituality


Editor’s note: Read part one of Loretta’s encounter with the flagship here.

From my apartment, I can hear the flagman’s radio humming as he talks to his colleague down the road. Another dirt dump truck passes by as the slope descends in preparation for the new foundations.

Flagship reminds me to slow down. Next time I pass and say hello, he asks what I’m doing. I tell him about the books I have written.

“You write books! “My mother wrote a book about me,” he offers. His eyes dart back and forth along the road, always alert to his post. He calls on the walkie-talkie: “A car is coming!” and I wait a moment. “Do you want to read?” – he asks.

I tell him I would like to. “Let’s trade books!” I suggest. He gives me Flights of fateand I give it to him 2022: The Book of Kind Days. Let’s talk briefly about the value of daily devotions.

Later, when I start reading a book about this 34-year-old, I learn about his miraculous escape at the age of three and a half from Romania during the fall of communism. Born Gabriel and named Gabi, the family renamed him Michael—after another angel—to protect him from the hardships of his new life. The book describes the horrific death of his father in a fire, his cruel stepfather, his powerless mother, and Michael’s escape with his sister into the arms of a loving adoptive family.

Michael received a higher education in the field of marketing communications, but still works as a flagship recognize God’s call, which seems to attract him to the position of Minister of Youth. He hesitates to accept this invitation, because the salary is much less than what he receives with the flag. And he enjoys learning about commercial construction through observation. Nothing goes past this flagship.

Some churches have already heard his testimony. He almost died of stage 4 cancer at the age of 20. When doctors said there was nothing more they could do and sent the family to hospice, Michael’s mother refused to accept it. She heard about a weekend healing event in Florida. Michael could hardly stand sitting in a wheelchair and sitting on an airplane seat. He suffered excruciating pain from a fractured hip caused by tumors. He could not swallow; a feeding tube gave him life.

On the plane, people on their way to a healing conference started praying for Michael right away. By the time they landed, Michael’s pain had decreased so significantly that he had eaten a hearty lunch of ribs and never needed a feeding tube again.

After the weekend, Michael surprised his doctors. The deadly tumors disappeared. His bones were restored.

Michael still holds the sign telling me to slow down and appreciate the blessings. He is a witness of love and redemption. I wonder what God has in store for him next.

Michael’s mother included her email address at the back of the book. We met for coffee and shared our faith. Connections are made when we dare to start a conversation with a stranger. This stranger is Christ.

Image by OlinEJ from Pixabay.

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