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Full Sail University will expand its new technical offerings through the launch of a computer science graduate program

Full Sail University will expand its new technical offerings through the launch of a computer science graduate program

WINTER PARK, FL – May 17, 2022 – Full Sail University is proud to announce that it will expand its offerings of new technology courses through the launch Computer Science Master of Science degree program. Students of the degree program will have the opportunity to advance their knowledge of computer science and practical skills to prepare for further careers in a variety of industries.

Students can complete an accelerated online master’s degree program in just 12 months. While teaching students in the graduate program in computer science, they will gain a variety of relevant skills, including advanced programming, graduate-level research, critical thinking, and the use of computational knowledge to create effective solutions for machine learning, data science, and more.

“For me, the opportunity to participate in the training of the next generation of software developers is a humiliating experience,” said Rebecca Lace, Ph.D., director of the Full Sail University program in the graduate program in computer science. “With the direction in which the world is moving, there is growing importance for new technologies, and a deep understanding of these types of technologies is essential for innovation and effective and rapid progress. Thanks to this diploma program, our students will be able to make a significant contribution to the world. ”

The main areas of the master’s degree program in computer science are advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science and human-computer interaction. These highly sought-after skills in the industry will help Full Sail graduates stand out among hiring. The courses listed below are some examples of these focus areas included in the degree curriculum. a

  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence – The course teaches students the techniques of designing and creating algorithms and approaches to creating intelligent agents to achieve goals. The course covers a variety of AI topics, including reflection, knowledge representation, planning, expert systems, and cognitive science. Students will apply these techniques to create knowledge-based artificial intelligence agents.
  • machine learning – The course covers topics for creating software solutions that are taught using the data presented. This includes statistical controlled and uncontrolled teaching methods, Bayesian teaching methods and reinforced learning. Students will apply these techniques to create their own solutions for machine learning.
  • Data Science – The course covers topics of processes, algorithms and tools for extracting knowledge from structured and unstructured data. This includes topics such as data preparation, statistical evaluation of data and data presentation. Students will create their own solutions for breaking down large amounts of data into usable information.
  • Human-computer interaction – The course shows students how to use qualitative and quantitative research methods to assess human behavior. Using the information provided, students will explore related topics and develop a product aimed at visualizing data in augmented reality. Students will also develop a usability study to test the product during development.

Career opportunities include such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, software development, computer vision, data science, data management, research, cognitive science and more.

To learn more about the Master of Science (MSc) program in Computer Science, please visit https://www.fullsail.edu/degrees/computer-science-masterand to learn more about Full Sail University, please visit https://fullsail.edu/.

About Full Sail University

Full Sail University is an award-winning education leader for those pursuing careers in entertainment media and new technologies. Founded in 1979, Full Sail has received awards over its more than 40-year history, including being recently included in the 2021 list of “50 Best Film Schools and Teachers from Around the World”.Variety Magazinenamed in 2022 “Best Undergraduate for the Study of Game Design.”Princeton Review, and was previously recognized as the “School / College of the Year” by the Florida Association of High Schools and Colleges. Full Sail University is a graduate and undergraduate institution offering on-campus and online courses in arts and design, business, film and television, games, media and communications, music and recording, sports and technology. . Full Sail alumni with more than 84,982 alumni worldwide have worked on countless award-winning projects with individual recognition, including OSCAR®, Emmy®, GRAMMY®, ADDY®, MTV Video Music Award and Video Game Award.




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