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Gas station operators warn of bottlenecks before tax cuts


To try to reduce the rise in fuel prices in Germany, the federal government has agreed to cut taxes on gasoline and diesel from early June. However, gas station operators warn that this could lead to bottlenecks in the short term.

The German government will introduce a reduction in the fuel tax from June

Since Russian invasion of UkraineGermany has been hit hard by rising prices energy. The German government has taken steps to rectify this by introducing Fr. 9 euro ticket for public transport and spicy tax on motor fuels.

From June 1, the tax burden will be reduced by 29.55 cents per liter of gasoline and 14.04 cents per liter of diesel fuel. The tax reduction is valid for three months. However, gas station operators warn that bottlenecks may arise. “High demand from motorists will satisfy the low supply,” said Duraid El-Abeid, chairman of the Federal Association of Free Gas Stations.

Fuel supplies to Germany are expected to be sharp

The significant drop in energy prices caused by the tax cuts will be a “double challenge”, said Christian Kuchen, general manager of the Fuel and Energy Association (En2x). In essence, fuel supply will be affected on two fronts: first, fuel suppliers will seek to sell as much as their stocks by June 1 so they can sell more expensive fuel before it gets cheaper.

Then, after June 1, is expected drivers will flock to gas stations to fill their sides at a much lower price. “Therefore, temporary bottlenecks at stations cannot be completely ruled out,” Kuchen said. Wolfgang Schuldinsky, head of the Consumer Advice Center Mr. North Rhine-Westphaliaurged motorists to leave fuel in their tanks on the eve of June 1. “Since bottlenecks are inevitable on June 1, no one has to run their tank almost completely empty yet,” he said.

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