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Gramlike 2022 Reviews and User Ratings


With the emergence of brand new social networking sites like Discord, Telegram, and OnlyFans, it’s only natural that there are plenty of new social networking sites popping up as well.

The good news is that there are many tools that can help you in your development on various social media sites before Instagram, but the bad news is that it can be difficult to tell the good from the bad, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience.

Let’s take a look at one in particular and determine if they’re going to boost your overall social media growth or if they’re going to hold you back.

Gramlike 2022 Reviews

Gramlike is a company that says it can help you with Discord, OnlyFans, and Telegram. They can also help you with Instagram and TikTok, but honestly, we think they are selling fake interactions to their customers for a quick profit.

What is Gramlike?

Gramlike is a company that has a lot of inconsistencies that we can detect right from the start. The first is their name.

We definitely don’t like that they have “gram” in their name because it’s a direct violation of Instagram’s copyright terms.

Of course, this also has nothing to do with their features, which they say are centered around new social networks like Discord, OnlyFans, and Telegram.

They claim that they can help their customers with a quick and easy solution to increase their social proof on social media and say that with their features you can gain instant popularity.

This tells us that they are selling their customers fake interactions that are of low quality and it is very likely that you will have problems with these social networks at some point.

Gramlike for Discord

gram-like disorder

Gramlike says they can help their customers with Discord, and they say they can help you with Discord members starting at $15.

There isn’t too much information about Discord members on their website, which is definitely a concern.

Obviously, you’d like to know things like whether you need to share your password to get Discord members and how many Discord members you’re going to get with $15.

Gramlike for OnlyFans

gramlike onlyfans

Gramlike says they can help their customers with OnlyFans likes and OnlyFans followers and they say they are high quality likes and they offer faster shipping.

They say 300 OnlyFans likes will cost you $19 and 2000 OnlyFans likes will cost you $99.

Frankly, we think these prices reflect the fact that they are low quality because they wouldn’t be able to sell your features so cheap if they were high quality.

You may be tempted to choose this option because it is cheap, but it will cost you in other ways.

Gramlike for Telegram

gram-like reviews

Gramlike says it can help its customers with Telegram members, and again, they say you don’t need to share your account or password, and they promise fast shipping.

They say 200 Telegram members will cost you $4 and 2000 Telegram members will cost you $24.

Under Telegram’s features, they have an FAQ section that is somewhat helpful, but it definitely doesn’t give us enough information to determine if this company is legit or not.

What about their team?

One of the things we look at in reviews like this is how much information about their team a company puts on their website.

It’s one thing to have information about their services and how their features can work for you, but it’s another thing to introduce the team members behind the scenes who are working to develop those features.

Of course, the more they share in the beginning, the easier it will be for you to trust them. We didn’t think Gramlike had enough information about the team behind the scenes for us to properly trust them.

Gramlike review

+ Positive

Safe site:

Gramlike has managed to secure their website with HTTPS, but in our opinion this is a super basic level of security and it doesn’t really tell us too much about them.

In fact, most websites on the Internet today have secured their websites with HTTPS, so that’s good at a basic level, but it’s definitely not enough.

Visible prices:

Gramlike understands that most of its customers will want to know how much their features will cost them before they do anything, so they’ve broken down their pricing into different categories depending on whether you need help with Discord. now, OnlyFans or Telegram.

As we mentioned, we don’t think their price reflects the high quality of the features because we think it’s cheap. Sometimes you need to pay a little more than you’re comfortable with in order to get premium features.

– Negative

Customer Support:

Nowhere on their website is there any sign of customer support needed to support such features.

When you’re dealing with an ongoing service like this, you want the assurance that you can reach a customer support representative relatively quickly, especially if you have a technical issue outside of normal business hours and need it resolved right then and there. .

This is worrisome because it shows a low level of accountability, and you can become frustrated down the road.

Real Reviews:

Gramlike has nothing to show for itself when it comes to real reviews, which leads us to believe that they have no real reviews to share with you.

Sometimes companies like this fake reviews to win over potential customers, but in this case these guys didn’t even bother.

They just didn’t show any reviews on their site, which of course leads us to believe that they don’t have any features to rave about.

Secure payment:

Gramlike has given us no indication that they have secured their payment processes, which means you are at risk if you choose to pay for their features through their website.

This means that your personal information is open to third parties who can very easily obtain it and use it to steal your identity.

Is it safe to use Gramlike? Is this a scam?

We honestly don’t think it’s safe for you to use Gramlike, and there are a number of reasons why. First, they are obviously selling their customers a fake engagement that will have a low retention rate.

Second, they don’t require your password, which isn’t really a good thing. Companies that don’t require your password are selling fake interactions because if they were selling a real interaction, they would actually need access to your account to do it.

We also don’t like their pricing and the fact that they really don’t have a good level of customer support, because no matter what the company looks like or what services they offer, if they don’t have good customer support, you won’t get very far.

Finally, we’re disappointed by the lack of reviews, which shows that they don’t do enough work to get real, genuine reviews.

Summary of the review

Gramlike review

We honestly don’t think it’s safe for you to use Gramlike, and there are a number of reasons why. First, they are obviously selling their customers a fake engagement that will have a low retention rate.

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