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Grand Challenge Design Studio is the visionary leadership of Seth Kahan


This is what I’ve been focusing on for the past few months Big challengesusing Insightful conversation highlight models, frames, as well as relevant case studies that will benefit any large-scale change initiative. Remember, a Grand Challenge is a big, bold goal that takes on a socially intractable problem by creating alliances of organizations and activists who can tackle the problem in multiple dimensions. This week I will be talking about Grand Challenge Design Studio.

One of the first Grand Challenge events, the Design Studio brings together the leaders responsible for building a coalition to take on the daunting challenge before you.

In April 2022 Huntsman Institute of Mental Health hosted the Design Studio to support its larger mission of removing the stigma surrounding mental health and substance use disorders. The Huntsman Institute of Mental Health does not rule everything; it is the infrastructure that supports the ecosystem. A design studio builds and engages this ecosystem.

We put together:

During the Design Studio, our group focused on:

  • Liaising with invited stakeholders
  • Establishing a clear understanding of the key elements and objectives of our grand task
  • Creating an engaged and invested brain trust
  • Creation of six core groups needed to support and advance the initiative
    1. Leadership team
    2. Group Summit Program
    3. Equity Working Group
    4. Communication group
    5. Financial strategies
    6. Metric

Watch the video to find out:

  • What to cover in your design studio
  • Who to turn on
  • How to use Jumpstart storytelling to build rapport
  • Why justice should be the focus from the start and
  • The roles of each of the six main groups

Want to learn more about Design Studio, Grand Challenges, or leading large-scale change initiatives? Send an email to schedule a call.

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