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Grow your business with customer success technology from Sonciary Perez


(Last updated: August 9, 2022)

Sonciary Perez is a Boston-based founder whose mission is to transform human customer interactions with agile technology and deliver exceptional experiences by turning everyday conversations with SaaS companies into data that improves the entire business. She is the co-founder of Quala.io, the only intelligent platform for B2B SaaS companies that helps them better serve, retain and sell customers.

With two decades of early-stage B2B SaaS, Sonci has dedicated the last twelve years to building and scaling pre- and post-sales operations. Ten of those years were at the helm of customer success, services and support teams.

Prior to Quala, she co-founded Promoboxx, a marketing technology startup that connects brands with independent retailers to drive local shopping awareness. She is also a mentor at Techstars Boston and represents the BOSS – Accomplice VC syndicate, which brings together hundreds of Boston angel investors.

Sonchi is a well-versed, insightful speaker. Her knowledge will benefit SaaS executives, entrepreneurs, and innovators interested in gaining fresh perspectives and learning how to improve product development, deliver great customer experiences, grow customer base revenue, and reduce customer churn.

where you can find Sonciary Perez:

Some topics of conversation:
How to reconnect with customers
Building trust and value
The importance of community building
Key Customer Success Metrics
How to improve customer retention

Other resources:
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