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Guru Nanaka Dev University gives the best results, 881 safe workplace: The Tribune India

Guru Nanak Dev University placement drives yield better results, 881 secure jobs

Tribune News Service

Amritsar, 17 May

Remaining concerned about stagnant employment opportunities after the pandemic and inflation aside, GNDU is performing better than the 2020-21 session, and a total of 881 students from different currents have already received job offers.

The Employment and Career Directorate of Guru Nanaka Deva University in its report on on-campus placement states that at the 2021-2022 academic session, 65 student placement events were held at the university. Most of these students will come to work in July after completing the relevant courses.

Dr BS Bajwa, Professor (Location), GNDU, said the maximum number of recruiters arrived for engineering and MCA students and included TNCs and national companies. Other currents that received the most feedback on vacancies were in the faculties of business and economics. In the research streams 23 students were selected by knowledge outsourcing companies, which is becoming one of the fastest growing industries.

“The average packages offered to science and life science students are 7.23 lakh rupees a year. Pharmaceutical and research companies continue to offer good job opportunities for students of science subjects. This shows that despite the situation with Covid, well-known companies are hiring students in fairly large numbers, ”said Dr. Bajwa.

The highest and average package offered by GNDU students also increased compared to last year, with the highest package offered Rs 17.50 per year by Zscaler. The average wage package jumped from Rs 5.16 per year at the 2020-2021 training session to Rs 5.84 per year at the 2021-22 training session. “Even our regional campuses in Jalandhara and Gurdaspura participated in these placement activities. Because of Covid, most placements have been arranged online, ”he said.

The situation seems encouraging for students who until last year were forced to depend on self-accommodation or forced to relocate to cities such as Hyderabad and Chennai to get a job. In addition to the internship, the department conducted a large number of internships. Many companies offered selected students both placement and internships. A total of 310 students offered internships from GNDU. The highest internship stipend of Rs 80,000 per month was paid by Amazon.

Dr Bajwa said the Career Improvement Office had set up a career model center with a grant of Rs 32 lakh, authorized by the Ministry of Labor and Employment of the Government of India. “This center will work to organize career guidance and job fairs for students in the region,” he said.

In the session of 2021-2022, 65 CDs were held

The Guru Nanaka Deva University’s Directorate for Accommodation and Career Development in its report on campus placement revealed that the university has conducted 65 employment activities in the 2021-22 academic session to accommodate students. Most of these students will come to work in July after completing the relevant courses.

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