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Hamline faculty calls for president to resign


The Hamline University faculty voted 71 to 12 Monday to resign President Fannie Miller. “Pioneer” press. reported.

Miller’s administration called it “undoubtedly inconsiderate, disrespectful and Islamophobic” and “an act of intolerance” against Adjunct Professor Erica Lopez Prater. show a picture of Muhammad in the classroom in the fall. Lopez Prater was subsequently not hired for the spring semester. Academic freedom advocates criticized Miller and pointed out that Lopez Prater had warned her students about what she would do.

“We are saddened that members of the administration have mishandled this matter and caused great damage to the reputation of Minnesota’s oldest university,” the faculty said in a statement. “Because we no longer have confidence in President Miller’s ability to lead the university forward, we are calling on her to immediately submit her resignation to the Hamline University Board of Trustees.”

A Hamline spokesman said Miller is discussing with his team how to respond.

In a joint statement Jan. 17 with Hamline Board of Trustees Chair, Miller said “sometimes we get it wrong” and that using the word “Islamophobic” to describe the incident was “misleading.” A statement was issued that same day, Lopez Prater sued the university.

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Hamline faculty calls for president to resign
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