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Harris says the rule of law for Coast Guard graduates is under attack

Harris says the rule of law for Coast Guard graduates is under attack

WASHINGTON (AP) – Vice President Kamala Harris told alumni of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy that they are starting …

WASHINGTON (AP) – Vice President Kamala Harris told U.S. Coast Guard alumni that they are beginning their service at a crucial time for peace, a period in history when “the rule of law is strained” and “fundamental principles are under threat.”

In his keynote address Wednesday at the Academy in New London, Connecticut, Harris reflected on a state of the world in which long-standing rules and regulations are more likely to be attacked, noting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“And the challenges we face are broader than in Russia,” Harris said. “Around the world, we are seeing further attempts to undermine the rule-based order: nations that threaten the freedom of the seas; criminal gangs and traffickers who bypass the rule of law incite corruption and violence; those that manipulate and undermine the foundations of international trade. ”

The Vice President of the Democratic Party also said that as members of the Coast Guard, graduates will play an important role in helping the United States maintain a rule-based international order, calling it one of the “defining missions” of the United States.

“Over time, this order has been tested. This order is tested. And too often this order was taken for granted, ”Harris said. “Honestly, sometimes we forget how rare in human history there is a period of relative peace and stability between nations.”

Earlier this month, Harris used an introductory speech at the University of Tennessee in Nashville to encourage graduates to apply their leadership skills to help solve the many challenges facing the unresolved world.

In a speech at the Black University of History, Harris said that 2022 is “on the verge of a new frontier”, pointing to the prospect of a major breakthrough in technology and medical research.

But due to the war raging in Ukraine, the risks of climate change and fundamental freedoms in the United States, graduates are heading into the uncertain future, she said in Tennessee.

Last year, Harris delivered an inaugural speech at the U.S. Naval Academy. President Joe Biden is scheduled to take the podium at this year’s Navy graduation.

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