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Have you decided that? The funniest jokes in math Mathematics


Earlier today I put you puzzles chosen by the Irish mathematician Des McHale, a prolific author of books of jokes and puzzles. You can read some of his jokes are here.

Puzzles were a mixture of puzzles with words, numbers and side thinking. They all give a “ha ha” with “aha!”.

1. A rich woman dies and leaves her entire fortune of two million pounds between a number of lion tamers. How much did each lion tamer get?

The solution The center of the problem is grammar. The correct use of “between” and “between” is that “between” – for two people, and “between” – for more than two. Thus, each lion tamer gained a million pounds. [Lion tamer is a red herring].

2. Put a stop sign in this sentence to change its meaning: A SMART DOG KNOWS HIS MASTER.


3. What is never odd and even?

The solution NEVER EVEN OR EVEN is a palindrome, i.e. reads the same.

4. Make this equation correct by simply moving the numbers approximately: 26 = 74.

The solution 72 = 49. You also had to turn 6 upside down!

5. Two objects perform the same task. One has many thousands of moving parts and the other has no moving parts. What are they?

The solution One object is an hourglass; the second is a sundial. They both measure time. The moving parts of an hourglass are grains of sand.

6. Why did a person buy an item he didn’t need for 1 pound and throw it away a few minutes later?

The solution They were shopping at a store where if you spent £ 50, you got a £ 10 discount. The bill was £ 49, so they bought a useless item for £ 1.

7. Why did the man cover all the jars in his house and put them in the fridge?

The solution He had a serious quarrel with his wife, and she did not speak to him. He knew it was one of the few tasks she couldn’t do without his help.

8. Five dead bodies were found in a locked cabin high on the side of the mountain. How did they all die?

The solution The cockpit is the cockpit of a jet that crashed into a mountain, killing five people.

9. Why was the man standing at the bus stop with an ordinary kitchen chair in his hands?

The solution The man is a DIY enthusiast who makes chairs. They used superglue, and now the chair stuck to their hands. They are waiting for a bus to take them to the hospital.

I hope you enjoyed these puzzles. I’ll be back in two weeks.

Thanks to Desa McHale for today’s puzzles. You can buy it magnum opus Comic Sections Plus: A book of math jokes, humor, wit and wisdom here.

I put the puzzle here every two weeks on Monday. I am always looking for wonderful puzzles. If you want to offer one, write to me.

I am the author of several puzzle books, the most recent a puzzle book for the language lover. I also give school lectures on math and puzzles (online and in person). If your school is interested, please to contact.

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